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WIP Wednesday: Well, it was bound to happen eventually...3D printer crafting

3D Printing C4 Winnipeg Horror Con Jason Mask Felted Soap Winnipeg Xenomorph Keychains

Yes, we're living in a grand age of technology, where one's husband can put together a 3D printer in the garage and experiment till his heart's content on printing parts,neat gizmo’s and then onto a needle felting template for use over my felted soaps for yours truly!


I designed a lovely, creepy but simplistic Jason mask and he plugged it into the printer and off to work it when to create a template that will fit onto a soap and and prevent me from stabbing that barbed needle into my finger, which I really appreciate!

So here you are, check out the template getting printed up in all the sped up glory on the 3D printer, the future has arrived...

I'm dyeing some yarn black as we speak, to felt into the eye holes, so I will show you the completed felted soap once I've got all the roving colours together.

And voila...

A fuzzy felted soap Jason Mask which you can use in the shower, this bad boy will foam up and and exfoliate yer flesh! I can't wait to have people comment on them at Horror Con!


Another thing we've been perfecting is Alien heads...it was one of the first things he printed to calibrate the machine, and I use one of the "friendly" beasts to hold my business cards when out and about.

But now, after playing about with sizing some more, and dipping them in acetone to give them a super slick, wet appearance, I think they are perfect to offer to fans as keychains!

alien keychain 11


alien keychain 8

I actually got a bit miffed at the hubby, telling him to wipe off the head before passing it to me over my laptop at first glance, because it was so glossy, yet is was completely dry! All I can say is WHOA!

These guys are now available! I can't wait to take them out and get folks opinions in person, cause photos just don't do them justice!


If you want to spend some time with someone who love blood and guts as much as you do on a weekend for lovers, then get yourself and your special someone tickets to Horror Con!

Here are the details from C4:

Delve deep into the twisted reality of your favourite genre: horror! Join us for the St. Valentine’s Horror Con, February 13th & 14th, 2016. Pick up the most sought after horror-related comics & figures, watch the top 10 best horror films ever made, meet Jason himself: Kane Hodder! Horror Con tickets are available at Ticketmaster, just $10 each!

I will be there with a booth and with anatomical hearts on, so come say hi, check out the bloody goings on and see the craziness that are the cons! Fun to be had for sure!


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