Something New...

Something New...

Online Shop Till You Drop!

That's right folks, if you are as clever as I think you are, you may have noticed that something on my site has looks a little darker, more professional and wait, what's this?  You can buy stuff on it right now?!?!

stellar evolution designs new website screenshot

Yes you can! In my talks with geeks and gore lovers from all walks of life over the past year, I did find, to no surprise, that quite a few didn't spend much time on Etsy, but did do alot of other shopping online. So I'm so happy to announce that I have created a safe and magical space where you can now purchase some of these sweet treasures direct from me online!

Other Features to Check Out Here

Of course, you can also come back to the site to see what I'm creating next as I update the blog with product features, check out upcoming events and I highly suggest signing up to receive my newsletter.

Doctor Who Tardis scarf

Newsletters will beam directly to your inbox with notes about any upcoming sales or promotions on this site (you definitely want to get in on that action, click here to sign up now and I will send you a special promo code!).

But What About Etsy?

Not to worry my hardcore Etsy lovers, I will still have a shop there too! I've even done some late winter re-arranging, so take a peek-click here to head on over to my Etsy Shop!

So which ever your preferred store, you know you can get your geeky and gory goods from me, the Creative Mastermind behind Stellar Evolution Designs!

Still prefer to buy things the old fashion way?

I still travel to events where you can purchase items in real life rather than virtually, just click here to check out my events blog to see where I'm headed next, or sign up for my newsletter.

Of course this weekend is Horror Con in Winnipeg, Manitoba-so I hope to see you all our there, or you can stalk me online from Facebook or Instagram!

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