WIP Wednesday: More geeky fabric designs…BIG VERA, Serenity and X-Files

WIP Wednesday: More geeky fabric designs…BIG VERA, Serenity and X-Files

My pencil has been working hard to design some new geeky fabric designs, and here is your sneak peak…


Just like Doublemint gum, this cut and sew pattern is double pleasure waiting for you! I didn’t want to have any of the wider eco canvas fabric go to waste, so I designed this pattern to feature two full size (29″ x 14″) Vera's on a full meter cut!

Big Vera Plush Gun sewing pattern

A great best geeky friends project! Wouldn’t a pair of these plushies just make your bed or sofa look shiny?!  Also you could take a nap while standing in line at a comic con!

As with all my patterns, I get it printed and tested first, to make sure it is just right-I will post photos as soon as I receive the print from Spoonflower! It will then be made available here at my shop!


I get occasional random bursts of creativity, and this is how this lovely fabric pattern came to be.

Featuring a few small Serenity ships floating through a vast verse of starfields and planets, this fabric will be great for scarves, apparel (I can’t wait to make a dress with it), bags, bedding or home decor.

It started with white and black (good vs. evil?) versions and expanded into a few colours from my Firefly Colour Palette…

Firefly colour pallete -Stellar Evolution Designs

White Serenity Starfield

Black Serenity Starfield pattern

Yellow Serenity Starfield pattern

Once I receive and approve the printed proofs, they will be made available to the masses at my Spoonflower shop, and I will get to create awesome things from them! SO. EXCITING!

Now a slight intermission before more nerdgasms…

Lets all go to the lobby

I have, and always will be, an X-PHILE…in the days before the internet was available in rural Manitoba and printing your own fabric designs was likely impossible. I just loved the mystery, gore, science fiction and humour of this show!

I’ve got t-shirts, figures, books, VHS tapes, DVDs and all the companion books…with so many areas to pull inspiration from where should I start?

With a colour palette, that’s where!

X-Files colour pallete - Stellar Evolution Designs

Back in the 90’s I sketched up some Mulder and Scully portraits to carve into pumkins…yep, X-Files halloween pumpkins why not? I found them amongst my other fan art I stored away and though they would make great icons on a tote, pillow or t-shirt!


X-Files icons - Stellar Evolution Designs


While still in the works, I’m pretty pleased with the initial concepts…I’d love to know what you think!  Send me an email or follow me on Instagram and Facebook to geek out with me!

Anywho, back to my sketch pad…I hope you enjoyed my geeky designs soon to be created into awesome handmade finds so stay tuned!


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