WIP Wednesday: Daryl Dixon Walking Dead Wristlet, Black Xenomorph fabrics

WIP Wednesday: Daryl Dixon Walking Dead Wristlet, Black Xenomorph fabrics

Well a winter white wonderland is settling in and I’m working a custom piece this Wednesday for a Walking Dead lover!


Because I know that Fandom love can be hard to satisfy, I love to be able to customize each piece for the recipient! Such was the case for this Walking Dead wristlet with a big focus on Daryl Dixon!

Once I know the preferred character I generally send some samples of fabrics to choose from and the fan just couldn’t pick between two of them, so we created a Side A and a Side B (like an old school cassette tape!).

All fabrics came from Spoonflower-exterior fabrics were printed on Heavy Cotton Twill and interior was printed on Kona Cotton.

SIDE A: The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon by rockbabyscissors

Walking Dead wristlet

SIDE B: Daryl Drive by traceygurney

Daryl Dixon wristlet

WRISTLET LINING (my go-to fabric for zombie bags): Natural Pink Brains by sufficiency (Merredith Griffin)

Brains lining fabric

if folks are interested in having their very own Daryl Dixon wristlet or pouch-remember, you can have it customized to suit you!



With great custom orders comes great opportunity for other DIYers to get their hands on new fabric designs! I will be making a wonderful black and white xenomorph laptop bag and created the custom fabrics.

black and white aliens

I also got creative and made a ventilation grate inspired GRATE LINES pattern which I’m really loving! Will work well as a coordinate with those Aliens!

alien eggs and facehuggers

These fabric designs are now for sale at my Spoonflower shop!

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