STELLAR FAN: Kara Brings Mishapocalypse to Misha

STELLAR FAN: Kara Brings Mishapocalypse to Misha

Some fans are good, some fans are great and others exceed all expectations and are STELLAR!

I received a wonderful email today from a fellow geeky crafter and die hard fan of Supernatural, Kara, who shared this amazing photo from her time at Dccon in July 2015:

Stellar Fan Kara

Words cannot express how happy it makes me to see such a great photo that includes not only Kara (a beauty) and the wonderful Misha Collins and Mark Sheppard (beauties, but in a manly way) but also includes a fab shot of her skirt she created from scratch in the popular Mishapocalypse fabric designed by my fellow collaborator Sarah Anderson!!

Apparently Misha loved it so much, he’d like one too! See, I’m NOT crazy to want an entire Misha dress, or Misha sheets, Misha pjs….the possibilities are endless!

In messaging Kara to thank her for brightening my day, I found out that she also runs the Etsy Shop where you can find some awesome geeky leggings in fandoms from Supernatural (go figure) to Harry Potter! She will even be a vendor at DCcon next April!! All the best to her!

Get Your Own Piece of the Supernatural Pie

Remember, now you can fangirl out with your fav (Sam, Dean and Cas/Misha…King of Hell collage coming soon…) as they are each featured on a fabric with hilarious faces!

Click here to order this fabric at Spoonflower!

Click here to order Supernatural items created from this fabric!

Want a custom order using this fabric? I can help, just message me at!

Carry on you wayward geeks!

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