FO Friday: Star Trek Wreath, Supernatural Bags, Weird Tea Towels

FO Friday: Star Trek Wreath, Supernatural Bags, Weird Tea Towels

As the countdown to Christmas seems to be fast approaching so do the number of geeky orders going out the door. I’m so happy to be able to provide unique, one of a kind gifts for loved ones from fangirls and fanboys to fanmoms and fandads!  I do still have some great things like these great Star Trek ornaments ready to be shipped out in time for the holidays!

Star Trek Christmas Wreath

While some of these gifts are a super secret surprise that I cannot share, some are open to share, so I thought I would post a few of them up to show you just what kinds of neat things I get to make!

SAM AND/OR DAN BAGS (Cas also available upon request)

I love the ability to make ANYTHING from the fabulous fabrics I have had a hand in helping to create. Such is the way with those special and hilarious funny faces of those guys, you know, those good looking guys, from that show, that show about stuff, supernatural stuff…

Supernatural bag

I chose to use Heavy Cotton Twill for these bags, so that they would have a bit more structure and durability without having to apply interfacing, thus saving time before the holidays! A few of these bags are going out as gifts, to very luck Supernatural fans and they don’t even know it…muwhahahahahah!

Supernatural bag-Sam

I find that fans love the reversibility of these bags, so that depending on their mood, they can select the character or fandom they wish to display!

Supernatural bag-Dean

And when they can’t choose, we work around that and split the fabric to showcase both Sam and Dean for instance!

Supernatural bag-Sam & Dean


Here are some completed product shots, showcasing just how fun they can be when sitting next to “normal” kitchen items.

Raptors & Rainbow Tea Towels

Xenomorph Alien Tea Towels

Xenomorph Alien Tea Towels

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