Fabric designs using rockets I love…

Fabric designs using rockets I love…

I love searching through Spoonflower.com for the perfectly designed fabrics and wanted to give a nod to the designers who have given inspiration to my products!

It is also so I can help them by posting finished product pictures on the Spoonflower site for them!

toy_rockets by katesbeads

I loved doing free motion quilting around the ships with beautiful silver thread!! This fabric was used in my Retro Rockets mug rugs.:

rocket mug rug

ROCKET_MAN_ohnmarwin by ohn_mar
Used in my Astronauts in Space quilt

Space quilt

Used in another quilted Retro Rocket Pillow case

retro rockets teal

Thanks to all these fab designers for their wonderful creations!  They are easy to work with and great to free motion quilt around!

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