FO Friday: 3D Print Finishing...

FO Friday: 3D Print Finishing...

3D Print Xenomorph Keychain

Today I'm going to walk you through you how we finish up a 3D printed xenomorph alien head keychain and get it all ready for a sci-fi, horror lover!

Where we left off on WIP Wednesday...

We left off with a successful print, getting 8 xenomorph alien heads printed in a single job! Yay!

Successful 3D print

Free the Beasts

Now we need to peel these cute, terrifying guys off the base of support. Gently we work one free of the float (bottom platform).

Removing 3D aliens from plate

Then we remove the supports that printed to hold up the chin and back of the head.

Removing supports from under alien head 3D print

One xenomorph alien removed from 3D print bed

Smoothing it Out

Now we move onto perfecting that one special little guy, smoothing out any little bumps under the chin or head with a small file.

Filing alien head smooth

We also clean out notch where the chain will be inserted.

Tidying up notch in alien head keychain

Go Go Gadget Magnifying Glasses

With some sexy magnifying glasses on, tweezers in hand and some super glue, the keychain is inserted and dried to super strength!

Magnifying glasses on for 3d printed xenomorph keychains

Danger Zone

How do we get that glossy sheen across the finished xenomorph keychains? ACID,,,or more correctly, acetone! 3 seconds is all it takes!

Yep Acetone to give it a slick finish

Hang for only a few moments and it's ready for the final chain attachment!

Drying 3d printed xeno alien head keychain

Fierce & Finished!

With the final chain attached, this glow-in-the-dark xenomorph keychain is all ready to scare off anything that tries to take your keys!

3d print xenomorph alien keychains

Of course we also print them in original terrifying black alien keychains as well!

I'd love to hear what you think!

Feel free to leave a comment below as to how you liked this little look into my shop, and how we hand craft each item!

Till next geek, cheers!







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