WIP Wed: In Design, Size Matters

WIP Wed: In Design, Size Matters

Unique items can be created when I have control over the size of the fabric patterns, meaning you get a one of a kind, amazing geeky or gory item!

Bigger isn't always better, and depending on the handmade item I'm creating, a smaller scale pattern may be the perfect thing for geeky wallets, coin purses and other geeky & gory gifts!

Now in comparison, a quilt may benefit from a large panel printed up with a large scale image in the middle, an some coordinating or contrasting fabric for the border and binding.

When working on fabrics, their intended use, placement and scale are kept in mind, as well as different color pallets so that if they are a collection they will blend together. 

Here's a Few Examples

One example I've had the pleasure of working on is my Xenomorph fabrics. I have used the fabric pattern in all sizes, small, medium and large.


New to my fabric collection on Spoonflower, these tiny xenomorphs and alien eggs and facehuggers were created specifically for this wallet project.

Xeno Wallet

They would also work super well for coin purses or bowties, headbands, basically where ever material size is small but you would still like to see the repeat many times across the piece.

Xeno Wallet with Alien Eggs and facehuggers


I have made everything from clothing, pillows and laptop bags from the medium scaled size of this pattern.

Xeno laptop bag

It is a repeating pattern that is offset slightly to give a little interest to the repeat.

Xenomorph Alien Zippy Top-purple


Here is an example of a large, 1 yard xenomorph panel printed out, bordered by some lovely purple, grey, blue batik fabric.

Xenomorph Quilt

This large scale give a dramatic image to the quilt and is a big eye catcher as a backdrop at shows. It would also keep any monsters from harming you in your bed at night!

All of these fabrics can be purchased at my Spoonflower shop if you would like to DIY you very own cuddly, vicious alien warrior stuff!


Stick around for FO Friday when I launch my new wallets you got a sneak peek of here today!

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I hope you enjoyed this post, please feel free to leave me a comment or questions about fabric designs, geekery or digital printed fabric below, I'd love to hear from you!



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