Works in Progress (WIP) Wednesday: Quilts

Works in Progress (WIP) Wednesday: Quilts

I thought since I’ve got two quilts going at once, I’d share some of the progress from Sunday to today-Wednesday! Just how it worked out, though I think I could swing a regular Wednesday post for all WIP’s….

Baby Quilt

Cut and sewed pieces together over the weekend. Managed to get the quilt sandwich (top, batting & backing together).

No specific pattern was followed, put together a bright green, dark mauve and gray green designed fabric in alternating rectangles.

Green Baby Quilt

The pin-wheel borders were added last minute and will be interesting to quilt around.  Project is now awaiting a final all over quilt and then binding.

It is fairly unisex in colour and fresh for spring with the lovely greens. This quilt will be available for purchase after it has been completed.

Evil Dead Inspired Quilt – Ash’s Chainsaw

Again, I love the original Evil Dead movies and Army of Darkness and Bruce Campbell…so why not make a throw size quilt to prove my love?

Ash's Chainsaw quilt progress

Just got the columns of fabric together tonight while listening to the Evil Dead Musical CD…SO FUN! While the whole quilt is not displayed there is blood and Ash’s arm at the bottom.

This is an original design and hope to offer both the quilt and the pattern up for sale soon!


I will keep updating these projects until they become Finished Objects (FO’s)…perhaps a FO Friday post in the near future…

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