WIP Wed: Supernatural, Firefly & Slayer Wallets, Oh My!

WIP Wed: Supernatural, Firefly & Slayer Wallets, Oh My!

Super unique, fanatical and practical to boot, these wallets are everything a fangirl could dream of and possibly more!

If you were one of those Instagram stalkers (whom I love) you would have seen a sneak peek of what I've been working on this weekend, more of what fans are asking for, specific fandom wallets!

I guess this post could be considered a Finished Object post too, so huzzah and hooray!

Here we go...the big reveal...


Highway to Hell Supernatural Inspired Wallet

Whether hitting the mall or out on the town, this Supernatural inspired wallet will have your back while you're spending your cash.

Just like the real Baby, this fine looking wallet is classic on the outside with little Baby's on the outside, and holds the Winchester boys, Cas and Crowley. (aka Jensen, Jared, Misha and Mark) Inside the zipper pouches beats many little hearts of the Supernatural family!

Highway to Hell Supernatural Inspired Wallet

When you need a pick me up, all you have to do is open the wallet and peer into the centre zipper pocket outside featuring Cas's face will remind you that everything will be ok, and that you should probably get a Kale smoothly and save some cash.

Highway to Hell Supernatural Inspired Wallet-Cas

Just behind the angelic face of Cas, lurks the King of Hell, coaxing you to go ahead and have a good time, spend a little moolah!

Highway to Hell Supernatural Inspired Wallet-Dean & Crowley

On either side of the wallet, protecting all your cards are the Boys, Dean on one side and Sam on the other, but not in a majestic way, in their zany, crazy faces way!

Highway to Hell Supernatural Inspired Wallet-Sam & Crowley

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Of course, since each and every wallet is handmade, this wallet can be tailored to put in your favourite characters, including ones not featured in this particular wallet, such as Bobby, Charlie, or Kevin! All you have to do is ask and I'd be more than happy to grant those wishes!

Bobby Charlie Kevin Supernatural fabrics


This wallet features the beautifully hand drawn and watercolour painted design from Sarah (my awesome fellow geeky collaborator) and our shared love of all things Firefly!

From Serenity herself, Kaylee's parasol, strawberries, leaves on the wind, and Jayne Hat and Mal's gun, it really is a marvellous pattern!

Shiny Wallet Firefly

For the interior, I matched it up with coordinating warm yellow and orange as well as a nuts and bolts navy fabrics to complete package.

Shiny Wallet Firefly inside and out

For the closures on any of the wallets, I generally use velcro, though a heavy duty snap can be added,  Personally I prefer velcro, but everyone has different preferences so just let me know!

Shiny Wallet Firefly - velcro or snap closure

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While it does kinda sounds like a rock band lineup, this is a wallet of the vampire slayer and the bleached blond vamp variety. Buffy fans who adore Spike will be especially smitten with this paring of fabrics!

Slayer & Spike wallet

Spike is featured on the zipper pouches in the centre, and inside is blood red fabric.

Slayer & Spike wallet-inside

Slayer & Spike wallet

On either side, the contrasting slayer fabric holds all the cards you need to purchase enough Mr. Pointy's to save Sunnydale, or buy some ass kicking boots!

Slayer & Spike wallet

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I would love to know what you think of these new wallets, so leave your comments below!

If you know an uber fan of any of these fandoms, please pass them along as they will definitely bring a smile to their faces! It's easy to share from each product page!


More fun things are coming up as we get closer to Pop Culture Expo! Pillows, purses and tablet covers...




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