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WIP Wed: Filling Orders and Finding Balance

I heart geeks so much!

The Unpacking...

With SOOOOO much fun and geekiness packed into last week, and a new batch of awesome orders to fullfill, this past weekend was all about getting things lined up, ordered, designed! It also included unpacking cars, boxes and suitcases, oh my!

A Bit Wibbly Wobbly

On the other side, I also have to watch that I take just a fraction of time to rest and recuperate so that I don't run out of steam! I was already running on some wibbly wobbly fumes with all that happened before the Pop Culture Expo (feature on Global News, Winnipeg Sun), during the show (talking to awesome fans!) and after the show (Browncoats Unite event -raised over $1000 for MS Walk!! and Geek Girls night out was fab!). All that excitement did cause my MS and eyes to get a bit "angry" so I am under some watchful care and being sure to take numerous breaks to care for my health as well as my craft.

Exciting News Almost...

I also have some exciting news for fans who want to be able to find my handmade geekery available for touching and purchasing locally, in a great shop in Winnipeg, but it is still a little early to find it popping up...stay tuned for the details closer to the start of May!!

Now off to rest my crazy eyes...good think I can knit with my eyes closed...hehe! 

Knit like a Vulcan

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