WIP Wed: Custom Cas Pizza Man Pillow, Black Xenomorph Wallet

WIP Wed: Custom Cas Pizza Man Pillow, Black Xenomorph Wallet

You know who has awesome ideas for great gifts? YOU! 

Since Pop Culture Con in April, I've been working away at designing, and last week fabrics finally arrived so I have now started making!


This marvellous creation came to be when I was asked to create a pillow similar to my Spike pillow but with Cas's face and the infamous Pizza man Quote, you know the one, wink, wink...

I took the colour pallet from his trenchcoat and and mixed in a dark grey, orange and beige, making this a saucy number...

Castiel Pillow Pizzaman

The pillow is to be a gift for a sis-in-law's b-day who is a Super Supernatural fan, I think she will just love it to pieces, or die laughing every time she sees it! Either is great with me!


Another lovely custom order was for a different colour of xenomorph wallet, a dusty black rather than the bright spring purple xenomorph wallet!

So I altered the colours of the original fabrics and then bam! A new colourway for this item!

Black Xenomorph Alien Wallet

inside xenomorph wallet

As each wallet is handcrafted, I'm totally game for helping you decide which fabrics you would like where, ie. for outside, card slots, zipper pouches!

This xenomorph wallet has headed out in the post to it's new owner! I'm very excited for her to get it!

What's in your dreams?

I'd love to geek out with you and help make your dreams come true! 

Feel free to browse my shop and let me know what you like, or get in touch and we can come up with something completely new! 

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