WIP Wed: Test Projects for Long Weekends

WIP Wed: Test Projects for Long Weekends

An extra day per weekend opens the door for more time to get craftier...

If you follow along on Instagram or YouTube, you can find videos us playing around having 3D print weekends, test prints and time lapses of new creations, such as seeing how big a xenomorph head we can 3D print, or, like this past long weekend, testing out a new pattern for an anatomical heart pencil holder-gory desk accessory fun! If you loved staking evil in the heart before...you're going to love this...

3D Print Anatomical Heart Pencil Holder

I also love to do some selfish (or in this case, unselfish) sewing, such as the Soyuz Blueprints Shirt for my hubby Chris! The extra weekend day allows me to turn up some tunes and take some time to dig deep into the pattern!

Negroni Shirt Sprout Patterns Colette Patterns

Inspiration for Weirdness 

I often get asked, "How do you come up with this stuff?" Or comments like, [uncontrollable laughter] "You're stuff is crazy!"

When aliens attack in the 3d printshop-we must deal with it

Just like any artist, you can never tell when inspiration will strike! While out an about running mundane errands, while watching movies, or sitting at your desk, uber bored. I keep a running list of ideas in my phone, and when a spare moment exists, the tests begin...and then run late into the night...

3D Ideas
Many of our 3D print ideas come from a curiosity of pushing the delta printer to the limits, along with thinking about what would look cool sitting on an office desk, or freak out the cleaning lady (the jumbo xenomorph head scored 100% in the scare test!). I can't wait to hear what she thinks of the heart! 

Muwahahhahahaha! (Evil laugh)

Sewing Ideas
In the sewing department, it is the patterns, colour and practicality of the item have me eager to sew it up. I love meshing things that shouldn't mesh, the stranger the better, and more fun! Why shouldn't you have a rocketship shirt as a grown up? NO REASON.

Time to Tweak

Like any work of art, each item takes time to get just right. The interior supports of the 3D printed items can be modified to have more or less support, and the settings altered for the best outcomes. We monitor, adjust, record and adapt the pattern to make sure it will print out a great quality pencil holder or alien head for your desk!

3D Printed Alien head desk accessory

As for the handmade Rocket Man shirt, it is the first of this pattern, the Negroni shirt, by Colette Patterns, from Sprout Patterns, in the Soyuz Blueprint by Sarah Anderson (aka Sharksvspenguins on Spoonflower) that I've had the opportunity to make.  I want to be sure to follow each step carefully and make a real great shirt to display (or have Chris wear) out at events!

Rocket Man shirt in progress

Coming Soon...

Of course, while we run these tests for fun and curiosity sake (and a small hope that they will stand up to become awesome items for the shop), we  hope that you will find them as cool as we do!

We are slowly building items in both our fabric design, sewn items, and 3D printed items. If you have any ideas for items we should create, we'd love to hear them, feel free to leave them in the comments below or get in touch!

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We know that we aren't the only geeks and gore lovers out there, and just want to thank all you geeks for showing appreciation for the care and attention we put into each piece our handmade geekery by supporting us! 

Happy Geek Pride Day!




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