2016 C4 Comic Con Recap

2016 C4 Comic Con Recap

Fandoms are like families, and when C4 Con time comes around, it means it's time for a wild family reunion!

Wonderful fans at C4 Comic Con-Stellar Evolution Designs Booth

This year's Con felt even more like a reunion as it was my second year bringing my handmade geekery to Artist Alley for C4 Comic Con in the newly expanded RBC Convention Centre on Oct 28-Oct 30th, 2016!

I had past stellar fans come back to my booth this year to let me know just how much they really, really loved a piece their purchased. New folks came by who just pointed and laughed at the things I make, which is the exact right response! 

It was wonderful to connect or reconnect with everyone and to have my craft be something near and dear to their nerdy hearts!

Supernatural custom order waist bag-stellar evolution designs-blue calla orchid

It was also super fun to hand deliver custom orders to Supernatural fans that just loved it to pieces! See the smiles in the gif below as she flashes Dean screams to everyone! Hehehe, clever design, eh? 

Bringing geeky joy to all at C4 Comic con with Handmade Geekery - Stellar Evolution Designs

Supernatural Family

Of course, with this Con being Supernatural focused as both Lucifer, aka the wonderful Mark Pellegrino (also from Lost, The Returned, Dexter and so much more), as well as a beautiful replica of Baby in the building, and our very own Cas mascot in our booth, it was fantastic to have so many fans of Supernatural to geek out with over the weekend!

Stellar Evolution Designs at C4 Comic Con Winnipeg-Fandom Family

Free Q and A Sessions

I was lucky enough that my booth helper Bonnie held down the fort for me to sneak away to check out the free Q and A session with Mark which was hilarious and had fans laughing and clapping their hands.

We all listened intently while he discussed acting techniques and ideas on realist and philosophical beliefs. I find Q & A's interesting as they usually remove the mask of the characters we see on TV or films and see a glimpse of the people behind them and find out they think the same things as we do, ie. they too have Netflix marathons and are just as curious about what makes life tick.

Meet and Greets

I also LOVED having fans come by after their meet and greets and signings or photos to share them with me! It was great to see and hear all about them!

I also love that these die hard Supernatural fans bring my gear into the photo ops too! Squee! 


Supernatural fangirls Sonya and Syd rocking it by Baby at the C4 Comic Con 2016 in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Sonya (L) and Syd (R) look ready to kill any demon that comes their way! Plus Sonya's custom Sam/Dean Bag she is sporting, which I created as a surprise Christmas gift for her last year, also fits right in! And thanks again to their awesome mom Michelle, they did find me again and both girls will be getting a new Supernatural themed custom messenger bag this year!

I love Luci...

I also had stellar fan Micheline, who loved the newest graphic black and white pillow in the Hunters/Supernatural collection with the saying, "If loving Luci is wrong, I don't want to be right."

She picked it up right before her meet and autograph signing with Mark. As she is awesome, she actually took it right on into the snapshot with her, while giving her a smug Lucifer look and he signed the pillow as well! How cool is that!

If loving Luci is wrong, I don't want to be right pillow-by Stellar Evolution Designs-supernatural lucifer pillows

Art Everywhere!

Coming together as a group of diverse, unique and talented artists is one experience I never get tired of during Con! It is always so inspiring to see so many different interpretations, styles, colours, shapes and forms art can take.

Artist Alley at C4 Comic Con Winnipeg

With this being my second year here, it was also amazing to meet those I was introduced to last year and to see how their art has grown and evolved! To help folks find us in Artist Alley, we did do a little pre-Con promotion and put together an Artist Alley Handmade Holiday Gift Guide to showcase some of the fantastic talents!

Of course, I've now met many more fine folks to add to my list of wonderful artists for next year!

Cosplay Catching the Eye

As usual, the costumes and cosplay of kids to adults walking the floor were truly amazing!

Hawk girl cosplay at C4 Comic con - near Stellar Evolution Design booth

The amount of time and effort put into the creations was unreal! There is a great Facebook page, Winnipeg Conventions, dedicated to catching them all (or nearly all of them) that you can visit HERE!

Or view by day by clicking the links below:

Wrapping Up

There were still many more events that took place, which from the view from my booth I was unable to attend, but if you saw something you liked, feel free to add it to the comments below or share it with me on your fave social channels! 

Stellar Evolution Design booth-Team Free Will Costumes-Dean, Sam, Cas cut out at C4 Comic con

From Bonnie my lovely assistant and Dean for the day (R), Cardboard Cas (C) and myself aka Lady Sam (R), I do look forward to continuing to meet more geeks out and about at other events through the year, and then returning to geek it up again at Con!

Of course a BIG thanks to the volunteers and organizers of the Con as well, as we know without you this event would not happen!

Geek on stellar fans!

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