2017 MS Walk Completed with Team Scrambled Legs

2017 MS Walk Completed with Team Scrambled Legs

Huzzah! The 2017 MS Walk was completed by a wild, crazy and also beautiful group of friends, family and significant others on May 7, 2017!

MS walk 2017 Manitoba

If you aren't aware, I do donate $1 from every sale to my fundraising efforts for this event and combine it with our Team Scramble Legs to raise and awesome total of $5,480.00 to help the MS Society of Canada continue their fantastic and groundbreaking research into new therapies and continued support of people with MS, like me and my cousin (below) who co-captain our team!

My cousin Tracey and I smiling for many cameras at the 2017 MS walk in Winnipeg, Manitoba

They also hold a host of other programs for support of caregivers, like my dear hubby, and for things like assistive technologies, like programs to help my broken eyes read the computer so I can type this blog post! They also helped me get a scooter, to assist with walking in hot weather, but really, I like to use it to beat all my "normal" teammates to the finish line ;P

my teammate for life and best friend

Photo above is with my Hubby, my lifelong teammate, and loyal supporter of crazy ideas!

Without the support of folks like you and others who donated to my fundraising efforts, I would have been much more afraid of what the future holds for someone with this chronic and debilitating illness when I was first diagnosed in 2011. 

While I still don't know how MS will rear its ugly head next, I do know where to turn when I need support, advice, assistance or just someone to listen, as the MS Society has been there for me when I've needed them.  

Winnipeg 2017 MS Walk yearly bridge photo

Thanks to all who helped make this event a success and to all who continue to support my little handmade business! Geek on!

Want to know more about how MS affects me but prefer a Firefly filled analogy? Check out a previous post I created comparing Niska's torture of Mal and Wash to Multiple Sclerosis!


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