Artist Alley Handmade Holiday Gift Guide

Artist Alley Handmade Holiday Gift Guide

Artist Alley Handmade Holiday Gift Guide-C4 Comic Con Winnipeg, MB October 2016

With only a few or so weekends till Christmas, get all your geek holiday shopping done with Artist Alley at C4 Comic Con!

Artists and handmade creators alike will be out in full creative force in Artist Alley at the Central Canada Comic Con (C4 Con for short) in Artist Alley on Oct 28-Oct 30th, 2016 at the RBC Convention Centre in Winnipeg, MB. Many artists also have online shops and places to get geeky goods throughout the year!

I worked with a few of the other creators to make a little handmade holiday gift guide for you, sharing a bit about us artists, highlighting a gift or two and sharing our booth locations at this year's Con (click here for access to the interactive floor map)!

So here we go...

For the Lady who Loves to Cosplay and Cook... 

Jack and Sally Skellington Cosplay Aprons by my Con booth neighbour Reta from Aria's Apparel coming in from Estevan, Saskachewan! 

Jack and Sally handmade cosplay apron arias apparel

These adorable, handmade aprons are amazing! Each cosplay apron is one size fits all!

You can use it as a quick costume or you can wear around your house while singing "This is Halloween..." at the top of your lungs and baking delicious skull shaped Christmas cookies. It doesn't get better than that during the holidays!

Reta works hard on the aprons, giving them as much love and attention as possible and it shows!

Where to Find Aria's Apparel?

You can find Reta and her wonderful aprons beside me at booth #A804.

You can also find her online as she does have an Etsy shop too!

For the Superheroine Lover...

JM Paterson-Superheroines art

I met Jen, or JM Paterson as you will find her booth listed, in a round about way, as I had the pleasure of making a few custom items for her.

Then I got to see some of her wonderful art at last year's Con! I became a fan and now have a few pieces hanging right in my own home! I do love how she is able to craft a great portrait!

She is an artist in Winnipeg who works in a variety of media. By using popular themes such as life and death, Jen's other works touch on various overlapping themes of light and darkness, presenting imagery that can be both beautiful and disturbing. 

Where to find Jen?

You can find Jen in her JM Paterson booth across from Cosplay Alley, booth #A1109

You can also find some of her pieces on her Etsy Shop JM Paterson Art!

For the Sci-fi Guy...

Of course, I do have to put in a little piece for the sci-fi guy in your life...and with help from the Hubby and his 3D printer, we aim to make a cool little stocking stuffer, a Xenomorph Alien head keychain, in original black or glow-in-the-dark (white in daylight, green glow-in-the-dark)!

Xenomorph Alien head keychain 3d print by Stellar Evolution Designs

Xenomorph Alien glow in the dark keychain by stellar evolution designs stocking stuffer christmas gift for geeks

We will be having a sale on them over the weekend too! Reg $15, on sale for $10 ea or two for $15! 

This is the only form of "bling" the Hubby agrees to have on a keychain. We are also bringing a few larger ones (6" xenomorph heads, and one wall mount face) should someone need a terrifying desk buddy to ward off annoying coworkers!

Where to find me?

You can find me in booth #A802, beside Aria's Apparel, near the arena and around the corner from the replica of Baby! 

For the Bold...

I just met Matt and his epic art this past Sept at the fall Comic and Toy Sale. A graphic designer and illustrator in Winnipeg, he loves bold colour, contrast and uses a unique palette which really sets his style apart. His art is really eye catching!

Matt Kehler Art at C4 Comic Con 2016

I will definitely be saving some cash to head over and pick up a piece or two during the Con...perhaps the xenomorph....always the xenomorph...

Where to Find Matt?

Matt will be at the Small Caps Co. booth #A413 at the Con, but you can also grab some awesome gear from his Society 6 Shop, or take a peek at new projects and prints on Instagram or Facebook!

For the Dapper Builder...

At last year's Con I met a well looking dude who made some awesome bows and other geeky accessories and jewelry....and it looks like he is at it again this year....with his shop, Abandoned Warehouse Crafts! This gift is for the dapper builder in your life!

abandoned warehouse crafts-LEGO bowtie-C4 Comic Con Artist Alley

This LEGO bow tie is definitely a piece that catches attention. Mounted on a 16 inch elastic with hook-and-eye closure, it always sparks a conversation.

They are made with REAL LEGO, so you can treat them like a base plate and build!

Right now, they are available in red, white, grey, and classic black.

Matching cufflinks also available this weekend! 

Where to Find Abandoned Warehouse Crafts?

You can find Christoper and his snazzy, handmade geek accessories in booth #A806 (two down from me-how cozy, surrounded by so many awesome crafters!).

You can also keep up with this creative work-at-home-dad, professional dork, and distracted by shiny and cute things dude by following him on Instagram!

P.S. Wear Comfortable Shoes...

Of course, Comic Con can seem overwhelming as there are a few hundred other amazing creatives at this event, but now that you know a little about four of us, I hope it makes it a little less intimidating to:

  1. Visit Artist Alley.
  2. Say hi or ask us about our art or creations. We'd love to answer any of your questions, such as tell you how it was made or what inspired us to create our pieces.
  3. Hopefully be inspire you to create your own art! You can do it!
  4. Find something you or that geek you know would love to have in your home or carry with you daily to show off your fandom!
  5. Get some Christmas shopping done while having a blast geeking out!

Other than that remember to wear your most comfortable shoes (I don't care if they are not fancy, your feet will thank me) and happy geeking! 

Of course you can usually shop from these artists anytime during the year by visiting them online as well!

P.P.S. Christmas is coming.....just saying...


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