DIY: Constructing the Biscayne Blouse, So Much Heart!

DIY: Constructing the Biscayne Blouse, So Much Heart!

Over the past weekend, I've put together the Biscayne Blouse Project I called So Much Heart!

DIY: Biscayne Blouse, so much heart

I had this lovely blouse sitting and waiting since February, and I'm almost sorry that it took so long for it to come together! I HEART it sooooo much!!

DIY Gory Blouse Made Simple

Sprout Patterns makes things easy by pulling it all together and digitally printing the clothes pattern directly onto the fabric of your choice! The indie sewing pattern was created by HeyJune Handmade and made available in fabulous fabric designs from independent designer Pond_Ripple from Spoonflower! (I love collaborating with awesome artists, check out her bio here!)

Biscayne blouse handmade with spoonflower fabrics

This was my second women's shirt from Sprout Patterns that I've had the pleasure of sewing up, the first was the fab Xenomorph Zippy Top, so I was ready to slice and dice this one and sew up over the long holiday weekend!

Spoonflower Designs Used:

Printed on: Cotton Lawn Ultra. Note: colours came out better and brighter than expected! Huzzah!

These Open Hearts by Pond_Ripple

These open hearts by pond_ripple from spoonflower

The Sewing Pattern: PROS & CONS

When you order your Sprout Pattern you receive the digital download files which you can print out for all the sizes and the instructions for sewing them up.

Here are a few of my pros and cons I found while putting together this pattern in particular:

PRO: I do love Sprout Patterns for having the fabric already printed up in the shape and size of the pattern I need! Saving some time for sure.

CON-ish: This pattern was pretty sweet-I only had to print two pages out, for the stitching gathering lines placement! whoohoo! Usually, I dislike having to print out paper pieces of patterns, which for this pattern, you generally still have to print out some of them to get placement dots for things like buttons and pleats, so that can be slightly annoying. 

PRO: Pattern was easy to follow, and HeyJune did a wonderful sew-along should you have any question of how to put it together! 

CON: The pattern jokes about getting yelled at when admitting to using a good old ballpoint to mark things on patterns like button placement, which, under normal circumstances, is usually fine. But if you plan to use Fray-Check or some other seam sealant near your button holes be warned, it will make the ink bleed :( Luckily the buttons cover them up, and this shirt was just for me, but note to self! Perhaps pen isn't the best tool to use.

PRO:  The pattern is super comfy and easy to wear! Pick your fabric, dress it up or down, and have FUN!

CON:  The fit of the underarms/arm holes can be a bit tricky, best to do some trying on if you are able and adjust at shoulder seams before applying collar! I didn't as I wanted to see how the pattern turns out following it step for step, and will now do a little tuck under the arms to tidy it up!

The Result

All in all the total time was about 4 hours, including the cutting and ironing (as it was very wrinkly from leaving it since Feb! It was fairly easily completed in an evening with some focused attention to details! And first sews always take a bit longer, I think a second one would just fly though my machine!

Biscayne Blouse heyjune handmade-sprout patterns-stellar evolution designs-spoonflower

WANT TO DIY THIS BLOUSE? I've saved this exact project in this fabric on Sprout Patterns so you can purchase this project and sew one up for yourself! When you purchase this pattern, Pond_Ripple will receive a portion of the proceeds as it uses her design!

Can't Sew? I'd be happy to create one just for you! Please feel free to get in touch with me anytime for pricing! Of course, I can also make other items from this wonderful print!

Supporting independent artists and making awesome things!


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