Winnipeg Buffy Prom 2018 Review

Buffy Prom 2018 Review

Balloon arch? Check! DJ? Check! Buffy? Check! Wait...wha??? Oh yeah! Buffy Prom! Winnipeg's first ever Buffy Prom was held on June 17th, 2018 at the wonderful Park Theatre and organized by the fine and always amazing Kendra and crew, who each year work tirelessly to put on the Buffy and Dr. Horrible Musical Sing-Along event. 

buffy prom review

Event Inspiration?

Adding a new event to the mix with the Buffy Prom, Kendra said it was inspired by listening to Buffering the Vampire Slayer's podcast Prom episode and events held in other locations. 

Buffering the vampire slayer logo

Buffering the Vampire Slayer is a weekly podcast in which your hosts Jenny Owen Youngs (professional musician and recreational Whedonverse aficionado) and Kristin Russo (professional writer and former goth teen) discuss Buffy the Vampire Slayer, one episode at a time.

Every installment of the podcast also includes a new original song recapping each glorious Buffy episode! *wolf howl*

Pretty cool, right?!

How to Dress?

While most formals require suits and ballgowns, it was really up to what you felt comfortable in...

Photo courtesy of

scooby gang

Wow, looking good Scooby Gang. I was a teen in the 90's today's face is Xander's face....moving on! 

Some fans chose to come in cosplay and wore it well! 

Willow cosplay wins plush stake and Spike coin purse from Stellar Evolution Designs

This lucky and amazing well done Willow won herself one of our new plush wooden stakes and a Spike coin purse! There were prizes for costumes as well as a few raffles of Buffy goodies!

Willow also got ambushed under the arch by the evil but delightful Glory and Ben cosplayers!! So fab and clever!!

Buffy cosplays - Ben-Glory Willow at Buffy Prom Wpgbuffyprom

The ever amazing Kendra and Daniel, head organizers or this night of shenanigans, or rather the Buffy and Angel of our formal evening! 

awe angel and buffy cosplays at buffy prom

If you NEED to know what everyone was wearing or want more reviews of the event you can still find them on the Facebook event page (as well as join for info on next year's event) and check the hashtag #WpgBuffyProm on IG

Class Protectors

Attendees ALSO helped raised a total of $230.95 (and one dress!) for Gowns for Grads Winnipeg! They use the funds to purchase plus-size gowns which are always in high demand. If you are interested in donating a dress head over to their website linked above for the details!

But I Don't Dance

Great! Neither do I. But I like to get dressed up, eat cake (more on that further down), and super geek with other Buffy lovers! Who is your fav character is a great first question to ask someone! (also one of the MOST difficult to answer btw) 

Or you can find a cozy corner and sit back and take it all in and watch the 5 episodes that were voted in by us, the fans, to be screened, with captions! Hush was a great pick, of course, as any good Buffy fan knows, didn't need to have many captions to get the creepiness or laughs across ;)

hush screening at Buffy Prom 2018

If you did like to shake your body parts, the amazing DJ Chedda was playing Bronze hits! It wasn't your cousin's Brown Eyed Girl at this par-tay! 


However you chose to move is up to you, rock it, you do you!



A real win in my books, aka the no dancing type of gal.  


Social Lunch and CAKES!

Yeppers, after all that watching or dancing or geeking out over Buffy, one needs refreshment, and about an hour before the night was through, a social night lunch was served, Manitoba style! Pickles, ham, rye bread and cheese! And 3, yes, 3 sheet cakes! Some complete with Buffy quotes check out the IG #WpgBuffyProm!

buffy prom 2018 cake

Next Year's Prom: June 9th, 2019!

scooby gang scream

I don't know about you but this is already on my social calendar for next year! Tickets can NOW be purchased for 2019 event at:

PROM FASHION TIP: Get your prom gear at one of the next thrift store's 50% off sales to save, or start planning your cosplay, or get inspired by Tom Lenk's (aka Andrew) Fashuns on IG @Tommylenk

tom lenk as willow cosplay inspo


Want to find Buffy inspired gear in my shop?
Head over to the Slayer Collection

wooden stakes





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