cemeteries are the best for bjd photo shoots

Cemeteries are the best...for photo shoots!

With the temperatures warming up and my crafting which never takes a break from the dark and macabre, I headed to my local small town cemetery with my DSLR and doll in hand. Sounds creepy right? Well, it might be more fun than you think and with a few tips, you will be ready to rush to your local graveyard for some stellar snaps!

I find cemeteries a really great place for photo shoots, mainly for my more vampire vanquishing items like my plush scythes or zombie themed items like brains bags!

plush buffy scythe by stellar evolution designs

brains bag cemetary 

Bring a doll, no one will bother you!

I also loved my local one for my latest photo shoot with my newest doll, a pale vampire gal I call Lilith. She is a character with an evolving sad story of how or why she had to become a vampire. She hasn't yet revealed that part. She can be out during the day but does have to veil most of herself from its harmful effects (bring out the sunscreen). 

bjd in cemetery

I love the sense of atmosphere a real place gives to the images. You also can have fun with effects after having shot in these places. I can go in and create more night time feeling scenes without actually having to be in the graveyard at night...cause that's a bit more creepy. Here is a before and after comparison.


lilith vamp


vampire lilith rosemii blossom stellar evolution designs

And another: BEFORE



Tips for shooting in a cemetery

  • Be respectful! Ask permission first if you are able. 
  • Be conscientious. Aim for the backs of tombstones. This helps protect the privacy of the deceased person's family. Blur the names/info if they do sneak into your photos.
  • Be prepared. Bring a blanket to kneel or lay on as wildlife may have left deposits on the ground...yep, icky. You might also be there longer than you think (getting those perfect shots) so sunscreen, water, etc. could come in handy.
  • Be quiet. If there are others on the grounds, it is probably best to keep quiet. No big laughing fits, shouting or jumping about. They might be having a really crap day.
  • Take everything with you. Don't leave trash or anything else behind.

Now you try!

If you think this might be neat for your next photo shoot I hope this helps you get prepared! Having a helper is always handy too. Plus they can fend off the zombies as you take that perfect last photo as the sun is setting ;P 

I'd love to see your results if you gather up your Scooby courage and get out there! Feel free to tag me @StellarEvolutionDesigns on IG to be sure I can get notified of your grave adventures!

Stay safe and geek on!


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