bjd doll and white and stainless steel stand hack

Cheap BJD Stand Hack - keep it from falling down!

Do you have one of these inexpensive stands? Do hate when it slides down when trying to put your doll on it? Or if, like me, have created a costume that makes the doll much heavier and it won't hold it up on the stand?

I purchased these some time ago from Wish (not sponsored) and found them to initially be ok for my SD size dolls. That was until I tried to put a beefy Renaissance outfit I made on my doll. The stand kept sliding down with no hope of being secure.

So my Hubby suggested flipping the lever part on the extending pole! It works much better this way thanks to physics so I thought I'd share.

You can find stands like this around $10 (not sure how I got mine for like $1-2 dollars on promo I think).


More photos of my doll in this outfit coming soon!

Doll: Gem of Doll Eleven

Faceup: by me

Outfit: by me


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