Fandom bags, just like fans, come in all shapes and sizes!

Fandom bags, just like fans, come in all shapes and sizes!

Practicality and fan-dimonium combine in the bags created in my shop! 

Handmade Fandom Bags

Men, women and children use bags, call them purses, murses, tactical packs, totes, wristlets, wallets, laptop, tablet, hipsters, duffle, slouchy, oversized, messenger, backpack or fanny pack, they all have a main purpose of carrying your stuff, because your hands or your pants can't take the load!

With all the choices in colours and fandom fabrics, and now introducing vinyl and some leather to the mix, there are more options than ever to haul around your stuff while flaunting your favourite fandoms!

QUALITY SEWING PATTERNSswoon patterns logo
I also really, REALLY appreciate solid, well built patterns, and that's what folks who follow me on Instagram and Facebook have been spying over the last week or so! I've fallen in love with Swoon Pattern Bags!

And it's not just me, oh no, there is a large group of "Swooners" who create these fabulous handmade bags as well as wonderful customers who realize the large amount of work and detail that goes into making them, and are ready to pay for their own custom creations! 


The other great thing about the Swoon patterns is that I can customize them to incorporate any fandom you like!

While I'm displaying them in the ones I've used to test the patterns (some of my die hard fave's, if you haven't learned yet, are Firefly, Doctor Who, and Star Trek) they can be made with other colours or fandoms!

Just tell me which Swoon bag you like by using it's pattern name below and we can customize from there.


Allow me to introduce the first Swoon Pattern additions to my shop...with smallest to largest...

DOLLIE Starts at $60+

6” wide x 6” tall x 2.75” deep

A compact crossbody with style, this small bag features an exterior slip pocket, fold over flap with magnetic snap closure and a long adjustable strap.

Swoon Dollie purse

Don't like to haul around a huge purse? Out for a quick shopping trip, night on the town or out on a date? It's the perfect little piece!

Swoon Dollie-Firefly 

I couldn't stand to cover up the super adorable Firefly fabric, so I did choose to leave out the one piece of vinyl on the front of the bag.

This adorable little purse can hold more than you think including gum, keys, coin purse with ID and cards or cash, phone and a bit extra hiding in the slip pocket in the back!

Swoon Dollie-FireflySwoon Dollie-Firefly 

RAMONA  Start at $65+

9” wide x 10” tall x 2.5” deep

Mini hipster with a zipper closure and adjustable strap and some attitude.

swoon ramona purse

It's unique outside stripe looks super stylish and when matched with a proper Police Box.... (and yes Lego Chewie and my Glow-in-the-Dark alien also join the party!)

Swoon Ramona-Tardis collage

This easy to wear hipster style can fit a rectangular wallet as well as your phone and some extra necessities securely inside!

Swoon Ramona-Tardis collage purse

ETHEL TOTE Starts at $70+

13” wide x 10” tall x 5” deep

Don't let her old fashion name fool you! This tote can get dressed up and ready to head out if you like.

swoon ethel tote

The largest so can hold a larger knitting project (would be sooo great), or a diaper bag!

Swoon Ethel-Enterprise Tote

It can be made with a variety of interfacings (insides) should you wish to have a softer sided tote style or a more rigid type tote like the wonderful Enterprise one pictured below!

Swoon Ethel-Enterprise Tote



The weird, wild or wonderful, I adore making custom creations for you. Pricing does vary depending on the fabric types/combinations you choose. For example, more leather=more $$.

I'd be happy to price out any of the above bags for you, all you have to do is let me know what type of bag you've been dreaming of slinging over your shoulder or wearing out to your next comic convention! Get in touch with me today, or well in advance of your loved one's special occasion if you wish to have a gift made for them!

More Options from Swoon.. 

If the above bags don't quite fit your style, by all means, visit Swoon Patterns main website as there is an even larger array of patterns to choose from, I just haven't made it around to sewing ALL of them yet! From duffles to weekenders and field to camera bags, there are so many to choose from that I'd love to make for you!

I'd love to make your next bag a dream come true!

Want to order the bags pictured? These bags will be custom order so just contact me and I will create an order just for you! You can also find them out on display at local Comic Cons and Craft Sales-so come on out to check them out!



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