Custom Handmade Geekery and Fandom Mashups make into practical gear by Stellar Evolution Designs-Supernaturally Awesome Dean and Baby Custom Order Fandom Bag

Fandom Mashup Bags and Christmas Present Reveals

It is sometimes so hard NOT to post the fun custom orders I get to do at Christmas time! 

Now you might remember these lovely Supernatural fans, Sonya (L) and Syd (R) from C4 Comic Con this year. 

Stellar Evolution Design fans at Central Canada Comic Con in Winnipeg

They placed two fab custom orders for messenger bags, which were to be part and parcel of their Christmas gifts from their totally awesome Mom! (Also, Sonya is already awesome for wearing one of my other SPN Slouchy Bags in this photo!)

So they knew which fabrics they were getting and the style of bag, but it is a different thing to actually see it IRL (In Real Life)....

Supernatural Baby! Fandom Messenger Bag

Syd had wanted a really Baby-centric themed bag, and that's what we put together!

Messenger bag for dean and baby fans of supernatural handmade by stellar evolution designs

The front flap features "The Many Emotions of Baby", and when flipped up features "Dean Scream" faces underneath-HILARIOUS! Keeping it dark and mysterious with a black cotton twill makes for a durable bag.

A true SPN fandom bag-handmade at the request of a fan by Stellar Evolution Designs, full of Dean

The helpful little pockets feature a collage of Baby's grill and body. Inside the bag the lining is a wonderful hand drawn and watercolour painted illustration of the necessary Supernatural Hunter's Arsenal, generally reserved for Baby's trunk, but could also be carried inside this messenger bag.

Put pie in your cakehole-or supernatural messenger bag-custom fandom bags by Stellar Evolution Designs

The final detail is in the back pocket, as you unzip using the protection symbol charm, of course, you come to find fabric featuring blueberry pie, one of Dean's favourite! I never get tired of this very literal INSIDE joke!

So it is quite the Baby/Dean Supernatural Dream messenger bag indeed! I love how it all came together!

Deathly Hallows/Slayer/SPN Mashup

Sonya was looking for a particular sized bag to hold a laptop for school, and so we made sure to have the proper dimensions, and some extra foam padding for this project.

Deathly Hallows Harry Potter inspired watercolour laptop bag-handmade by Stellar Evolution Designs

She did fall in love with the beautiful watercolour Deathly Hallows fabric from the Harry Potter inspired collection. We paired it with a navy cotton twill and I think it is just so classy.

Of course, she wanted to hide a few other powerful fandoms around the bag as well, just to prove she is definitely a force to be reckoned with, should anyone try to take her on!

Laptop bag-custom order- full of fandom mashup-buffy the slayer-by stellar evolution designs

Under the flap with a magnetic closure, we mixed in a black and white graphic Slayer print for added Chosen One strength.

Custom laptop bags-fandom mashups-Stellar Evolution Designs

Baby and angel blades in pocket of laptop bag handmade by Stellar Evolution designs

Finally on the back, the zipper pocket with a Deathly Hallows charm, exists a pocket with Supernatural fan fabric inside! Baby and angel blades are partying in this pocket, probably playing some classic rock inside!

I Adore Custom Orders!

As I'm sure you can tell, I just love making people's fandom mashup dreams a reality! 

The response I got after sending the photos to the Mom and letting her know the girls gift were en route was just the best!

"So Excited.  The pictures were beautiful.  The Impala bag looks amazing!  Who knew there were so many choices of supernatural fabric."

Check out the Custom Order Gallery for more inspirational ideas or take a peek around the Shop for more fabrics and products that I have all made by hand!

Below I'm holding my Firefly loving Dollie purse, great for touring, and Sarah is carrying a custom Camera Case, featured in the custom order gallery, which contains the Firefly fabric she designed inside of it!

I love making fandom mashups a reality in the handmade goods I create! Stellar Evolution Designs

Whether out at a live event or via email, I can provide samples of fandom fabrics I can find for you, and the type of items I can create, from bags and wallets to book covers and blankets, and make anything your geeky or gory loving hear requests!

You can also check out what others are saying about there orders on the Reviews page-be warned, there are some really adorable photos of babies in Jayne hats!

So dream big and weird and get in touch with me at the next event or email me at, I'd love to geek out with you!



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