FO Friday: Camille Camera Bag-Stars with a Shiny Centre

FO Friday: Camille Camera Bag-Stars with a Shiny Centre

Custom Swoon Camille Camera Bag

Handmade gifts truly mean the most, and this one is no exception!

So just before heading out on my geeky holiday (off to the USA to visit the National Air and Space Museum at the Smithsonian and meet my fellow geeky collaborator Sarah there), I aimed to create a piece just for her!

Piecing Together the Details

In order to thank her for her service so far, we had decided on creating a Camille Camera Bag from Swoon Patterns, way before I ever got into can check out all the other Swoon bags I've come to love to make HERE

She asked for the outside to be in her Stars in My Skies fabric she designed (available on Spoonflower) and for the inside to be one of her favourite fandom fabrics she created called the Shiniest Fabric in the Verse (also on Spoonflower and one of my all time faves!).

Inside the camille swoon camera bag-firefly fan fabric

She also wished for leather straps and metal buckles over plastic snaps, so I had an idea in mind of how I was going to complete that request...I just needed to find the right materials.

Leather trims on camille camera bag

When I couldn't find exactly what I wanted, I hand made all the leather pieces and my hubby even created the metal screws to secure the buckle straps! He's awesome too!

Handy, Thoughtful Pattern

While there is much to say about this pattern, a brief comment would be useful! It holds your camera and a couple lenses, a tablet or small notebook/laptop.

Camille camera bag all packed and ready for a photoshoot

There is even a little slip pocket in the back to store things like your phone, other lens filters or your shot lists! Super handy!

Backside of Swoon Camille Camera Bag by Stellar Evolution Designs


Thankfully, using two of my sewing machines, and having a friend's industrial machine on call for back up, I was able to complete it on time and will be gifting it to her early next week!! She knows it's a coming, so I'm sure this post is just making her geek adrenaline rise!

I will do a better breakdown of the camera bag pattern upon my return, as I know some wish to know how it went! For now I need to head to bed and rest up for my week of holidays!

Note on Holidays: I return on Aug 3rd and am still accepting orders via my website in the meantime, so no worries there!

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