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Forging a New Plush Weapon...Buffy's Scythe

buffy the vampire slayer cosplay custom plush weapon replica scythe sing-along

are you ready to pillow fight evil-plush scythe now available-stellar evolution designs

When I attended the "Once More with Horrible Feeling Sing-Along" event last year, I thought more Whedonesque fun was impossible, but I was wrong dear friends...

Big Buffy hugs to the organizer Kendra for prompting the creation of this fine Scythe replica in fabric and stuffing for said event's prize giving! And, of course, as a new plush weapon in my shop for all the fans of the now 20-year-old, but still AMAZING, series!

After the art was done and the test prints came back looking great, and I shared them secretly with Kendra and we were so excited but could not tell a soul! 

scythe teaser printed and ready for sewing
I went about stuffing and photographing them! In full adult size she is 40" long or in cute baby size at 24" she is just awesome to behold and would clobber the crap out of someone in a pillow fight.
plush scythe replica adult and baby sizes
I can't wait to show it to everyone at the live sing-along show and I will have some on hand if anyone would like to take one home to decorate their geekiest room, do a toddler photo shoot with their little Chosen One, or plan next Con's Buffster cosplay!
buffy cosplay with plush replica scythe
I'd love to hear what you think of this plush blade, please leave a comment, or if there are other weapons you think I should make, feel free to get in touch with me!

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