Gem of Doll Eleven - Project DEATH

Gem of Doll Eleven - Project DEATH

I thought I might share my process of creating this character. I really, really wanted a beautiful, creepy doll I could paint and style to DEATH.

NOTE: this doll is now up for sale! Check out her listing here

I do enjoy the morbid so when I saw a Gem of Doll Eleven that had a skeleton leg she immediately went on my "to buy" list. I was finally able to bring her home and get started.


Face up and aesthetic:

Sometimes I get a flash of how a full doll should be created. I knew she needed a skullish face but wasn't set on a design, until I saw this lovely IG post from @beindthechair_com:

So I went to work to create a candy skull type faceup, including many, many gems to adorn her face. I bought the plastic ones you find at most craft stores that are "stick on" and removed them from their sticky backing before gluing them onto the skull, hands and skeleton leg with white PVA glue. That way they can be removed with water if I want her to have a different look in the future. 

I also found googling "skull makeup" very useful to help get the teeth all in the right places. 


I did a search on thingiverse and found that I liked a "Statue of liberty crown" for this project. I printed it in PLA on an FDM printer, did a coat of primer and then painted gold. I hot glued the flowers on and white glued on the gems.


I enjoy making my own hardcap wigs so I had ordered mohair from Golden Fleecee on Etsy. Unfortunately it wasn't the colour I had ordered. I was hoping to keep here in more blue toned colours, but the hair that arrived was grey and burgundy. 

I know colours can be skewed on screens, but it just seemed way to different. 

What I ordered: 


What I recevied:

The owner was great and sent the right stuff to me after contacting them! YAY 

What to wear: 

Despite the skeleton leg being more show than functional, I had a dress in mind to make for her too, so she could show off dat leg! 

I used a pattern from My Little Doll Story on Etsy. I switched the side of the slit, used double the fabric for the skirt as it was see through and used ribbon for straps. I love the way it turned out! 

Final look (till i get more blue hair)

Here she is finished and photographed in near darkness for a moody look. 

How do you think she turned out? Feel free to leave comments below!

Where to put her?

And what do you do when you have no more room for dolls, well you build a cursed swing chair for her!

It was created from a fruit bowl I thrifted and cut the legs off of and then spray painted black. I adorned it with dead flowers, beads and jewels. 

She is now perched above my sewing machine looking down on all of us peasants just waiting to take your life whenever she dang well pleases.

Death Stare:

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