Halloween costumes clothes for bjd dolls

Halloween Costumes for Dolls

Halloween is my favourite holiday! I've pretty much always loved the spooky and supernatural. From ghost stories and X-Files to horror movies and Buffy, I love the time of year when dark is always appropriate and weird is welcomed with open arms.

This October, I aim to share a few new costumes, some basics and fun props that you can add to your doll's collection!

While each costume or prop may have been developed for a particular size of dollie I have, never fear, I can usually use my magical creative mastermind and transform it into the scale size your dollie would fit into or require. Yes, I'm THAT magical ;P  

I hope you return to this page and have as much fun in this wonderful month as I do! 

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Costume: Death's Garden - only one in stock

  • Type of Item: Clothing
  • Scale size: SD
  • Concept: As the winds blow cold and the skies darken the time draws near for Death to come to the garden. This pretty Grim Reaper outfit was inspired by the fabric and the chill in the evening air as we creep closer to All Hallows' Eve.
  • Special Features: Coffin Bag, Custom 3d Printed Skull Buttons, Headband adorned with dead flowers and blackbird

Death's Garden Cosplay BJDDeath's Garden headband bjdBJD coffin purse prop


Halloween Shirts

Not everyone wants to go costume crazy, so there are some sweet alternatives that are easy to add to the wardrobe!

Batwing Shirts - fabric in stock

Created in sizes fit for SD, MSD/Minifee, YOSD childlike and YOSD mature/Nena02 Reira(from Atelier Momoni).

Not necessarily female or male, these tops are a pretty flexible fit! Great for those dollies that need to change from vamp to bat in seconds ;) 



Striped Devil Hoodies - fabric in stock

Some of us harbour dark hearts....and so do our dolls...why not let his or her adorable little devil shine through?

These unisex devil horned hoodies are shown in 1:4 scale, on my MSD and Minifee models.

They can again be sewn to most any size you require for those that want to add a little heat to your doll's wardrobe!

Spider Tea Dress - fabric quantity low

Created just for the spooky month of October, this Spider Tea dress is made to fit the pretty Nena02 Reira (a beautiful Atelier Momoni artist doll)! 

This classic vintage silhouette is from the late 50's and early 60's is made from a black cotton with silver stranded spider web pattern and has a lobed collar. 

The set also contains books, a pentagram mirror and a handful of spiders! 


Not ALWAYS Creepy!

Not ALL Halloween costumes have to give people the creeps, or so I'm told! So as I am a Space Enthusiast, I was super inspired by these fantastic galaxy fabrics! And so was my pink translucent skinned YOSD Bella! 

galaxy bjd dresses

So Galactic Adventurer Lolita dresses and a little photo magic will make these costumes come alive!

Dark Galactic Bella finds new spacial anomalies!


Light Galactic Bella and her new pet Dragon!

galaxy lolita dress bjd 1:6 scale


As we head through October, we have more days and items to come...so stay tuned here or to my social channels below!

There is also a discount code each week to help you save more! Check out the  Sale page for all the codes!






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