Hellmouth Pillow Headed to Fan Expo Canada in Toronto!

Hellmouth Pillow Headed to Fan Expo Canada in Toronto!

As you may know, I ADORE custom order requests, but this one was created for a real fun purpose!

A wonderful couple I often meet out at a couple of the local geek events in Winnipeg came up to me at the Buffy Sing Along event and asked if I could design a pillowcase that they could take around to Cons, the first one being Fan Expo Canada in Toronto, Ontario in September, to start collecting all the Buffy cast autographs. 

I was like, YES!  

Stellar Evolution Designs at Buffy Sing Along event

Why a Pillowcase?

You might be asking yourself, why a pillowcase? Some of the PRO's for taking a pillowcase to be signed:

  • travel well, unlike other fandom merch, like boxed items, posters, pictures that could get crinkled, crushed or broken,
  • light to carry around after you get them signed (be sure to give ink a bit of time to dry),
  • easily displayed once you get home, either on the couch if you are brave enough, or in a display case. They can be washed, recommend hand washing in cold, and air drying, of course. 
  • durable created from EcoCanvas which is 45% recycled polyester materials.
Hellmouth Buffy Fan pillowcase

Deciding on Design

We decided that since the goal is to get main cast signatures from Buffy, we figured the symbol from the Hellmouth, where Sunnyday High was centralized would make the perfect central icon to have displayed on this pillow! 

I created the design digitally, in the classic Buffy black and red colours, making it seal like, with blood filling the circular parts around the pentagram and the iconic B in the centre to finish it off.

Off to Fan Expo!

I wish the couple the best time out at Fan Expo (trying to contain immense jealousy....see below) and thanks for the fun opportunity to create this awesome design!

The above is just a FEW of the amazing people on the list to be at Fan Expo (also lots of Doctor Who cast!!)...see why the jealousy....AHHH!!!!! We can all live vicariously by following Fan Expo online, of course, and at least that is something!

Fan Expo Canada FB page
Fan Expo Canda IG
Fan Expo Canda Twitter

AND, thanks to these awesome fans, this evil but awesome Buffy fan art pillow design now exists for all of us to enjoy!

You can now find it in the shop and choose to either enjoy as is or also begin the journey of hunting down cast autographs like they are monsters in the bowels of Sunnydale High!


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