How many sewing machines are too many? Refurbishing while I wait...

How many sewing machines are too many? Refurbishing while I wait...

While awaiting the shipment of awesome geeky fabrics for all the custom orders from Comic Con, I managed to get two new-to-me sewing machines! Cause 8 machines is never enough...

First, you may wonder, why does one need sooo many sewing machines? Well, each sewing machine has its own unique characteristics, talents and special features. I also keep one or two as back ups, should one happen to need "vacation" at a critical time, usually just before a big event like C4 Comic Con or the super fun Sing Along with Horrible Feeling, Once More night!

While I do have a new Husqvarna Viking Opal which has been working like a dream and making everything I've been throwing at it! Though as I've been including more bags and thicker materials, I'd hate to overtax or max out this wonderful machine. So I've always had a wish for an industrial machine...bigger, faster, louder, but stronger and more powerful...

And wouldn't you know that while I was making fan's wishes come true at Comic Con, I'd meet a lovely man who'd leave me details for a friend who was looking to sell one and make my dreams come true!

And after a call and a visit, despite it not running, the hulking machine looked like it was revive-able.


Before photo-juki DDL 555

After "Large Marge" (Juki DDL-555) in my Studio

Juki DL-555 industrial Sewing Machine-Stellar Evolution Designs

This beast of a machine needed some TLC, cleaning, some new cables, a belt and some rewiring, and other machining bits that luckily the Hubby was able to create for me. I'm still awaiting a few other parts in the mail, but it is really coming together well!

And boy, can it sew, FAST! I can't wait to make some handles and straps fly through there!

Oldie but a Goody! 

Now this one was kind of a surprise, as I had put a bid on it at an MCC Thrift Store Auction, and when I hadn't heard from them at the beginning of Nov, I figured I didn't win it.

Singer 127 treadle machine-Stellar Evolution Designs

Singer 127 treadle machine-Stellar Evolution Designs

Lucky me, I was second in line to win and when the first was a no show, well, I got the call to come and pick it up! It is a Singer 127 on a treadle cabinet, made in St. John's, QC, Canada in 1945. Here is an image of the old factory...

Singer Factories - St. John’s, Quebec, Canada

I have another old Singer, from 1914, that I'm refurbishing, which could also work in this table, so it would be fun to put both on and play with such solid machines that have lasted over 100 years! 

1914 Singer getting a spa day-Stellar Evolution Designs 

DIYer TIP: Buy the Best Tools You Can Afford at the Time

For all the DIYers out there, myself included, who started all of these projects on humble thrift store machines (which are still my back up machines), just remember, you can do amazing things with small inputs to start!

Good old thrift store machines still can quilt up a storm! Stellar Evolution Designs

Just get the best tools you can afford at the time. As your skills grow, or you find what part or pieces of the hobby you really love to create, then you can purchase more dedicated tools. 

Wishing you happy geeky or gory sewing! 

Need neat geeky or gory fabrics?

Try Spoonflower! Start at my Spoonflower Shop and explore all the other wonderful independent designers, like my collaborator, Sarah Anderson!

Independent Designers - Spoonflower-Sarah Anderson of Sharksvspenguins and Brenda Giesbrecht of Stellar Evolution Designs

Sarah (L) and Me (R) this summer at the Smithsonian geeking it up!

How about you?

Have you ever restored or refurbished a machine of your own? I'd love to hear from  you, any tips, tricks or disasters? Feel free to share them in the comments below!

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