zombies like it hot teaser by stellar evolution designs

iZombie Inspired Designs

It is that magical time of year when a few of my fave shows start up again! Like iZombie, Season 4! I watch on Netflix but it is on regular television as well.

Campy funny, zombie, cop buddy tv shows always get me. I'm just a bit obsessed if you haven't been able to tell...

i love izombie-bjd and funko pop form

I am also slowly making my way through the comic that started things, which is different from the show in lead character name (Gwen) and storyline, which I'm totally cool with, give me all kinds of weird stories, I will devour them with my brain.

With all the zombie on the brain, I managed to find time to get back to finishing a main fabric design I had in the works, inspired by my fave hot sauce loving zombie! 


zombies like it hot-design by brenda from stellar evolution designs


Nothing more fun than a classy baroque pattern with hot sauce and brains! It was really fun creating this spicy number! And I think it looks pretty snazzy on items from Redbubble:


tshirt with zombies love hot sauce baroque design at redbubble

Throw PIllows

zombies love hot sauce on pillow from redbubble

Of course, I also mixed in a few different colour backgrounds ;)

zombies stickers at redbubble

And orient the patterns to repeat so they fit on fun items like mugs, which would make great gifts for fans of the show!


zombies like hot sauce mugs

WANT SOMETHING CUSTOM MADE? You know I adore custom orders! I have also created a few fabrics from this design, and would LOVE to make purses and other clothing items, so feel free to send me a message and we can team up to make something amazing! Here are a few of the samples from my Spoonflower Fabric Shop!  

If you wish to order any of these fresh off the design table fabrics, just let me know and I can order samples of these so that they will become available for ordering to the general public.

My Spoonflower iZombie inspired designs

Zombies like it hot-Toss pattern

zombies like it hot toss pattern by stellar evolution designs

Brains and hot sauce-NOMNOMNOM-pink

pink zombie brains nomnomnom by stellar evolution designs


So if you are a fan of the show, I hope you have laughed a little at this design, and if you are new to the show, I hope you give it a watch! 

izombie gif

I have at least one more iZombie inspired design in the works, and it includes blue juice brains and um, a few test subjects....so stay tuned to my IG account @StellarEvolutionDesigns for more sneak peeks as the season continues! 

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