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StellarBJDPlaceMallTrip Photo Contest. Photography Contest with The BJD Place!

Earlier this month I took my two Minifee's, Dru and Siren, out to one of the local malls to do a little photo shoot. They were looking so great and trendy. There were many nooks to find and textures for backgrounds!

Minifee at the mall - Stellar evolution designs-stellar bjd accessories

I have to say the feedback from the photos taken has been great, so much so I'm pleased to announce partnering with The BJD Place to run a photo contest encouraging doll collectors to get out and about into a mall with your doll!


The giveaway includes a $50 cad gift certificate to anything in my shop!

I can't wait to see all the photos :D

Here are the contest details!

Nov.19 - Dec.31 ▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪
You voted for it - so here it is! StellarBJDPlaceMallTrip Photo Contest. Inspired by @stellarbjdaccessories recent trip to the mall with her dolls, we want to encourage (and challenge) you to do the same! We have everything you need to take part right here.
1. Follow @stellarbjdaccessories
2. Follow @thebjdplace
3. Post a single photo or photo series (1 post) of your ball-jointed doll(s) at the mall with the hashtag #stellarbjdplacemalltrip
*The photo has to be taken inside an actual mall or store not a photoshop mall or the parking lot (you don't need to provide the name or location of the mall) 
4. One post per person (but you can upload up to 10 in one post - we want to see them all!)
(Standard Giveaway Rules Apply ➡️ swipe)
Grand Prize:
3 Winners will be chosen via random draw live on @stellar 
First Prize:
- $50 CAD gift certificate to @stellar for use on their online shop! Bjd glasses, clothes, purses, wallets and even custom orders!
- Cover photo feature on for one month in the contest article.
Seconds and Third Prize:
- Photo feature on for one month in the contest article.
We know going out somewhere public can be a bit intimidating and uncomfortable for a lot of people, but we really encourage you to try! You will be surprised how much fun you have!
This contest or giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram


Why the Mall?

A mall is generally a nice public space, heated for us up north and generally having some decent lighting and is open later hours for those that have to work during the day.

They also have seasonal displays up around the mall, in shop windows that you can have in the background of shops, etc. 

I had a doctor's appointment early in the day in the city (I live rurally and so an appointment in the city means I may have to be there all day if I get a ride in, so I have to find things to occupy my time that may not cost tons of $$).

  • Was I a bit nervous? Yes.
  • Did I walk around till I found the right light and perfect low traffic spot? Yes
  • Did I bring my DSLR? No, just my Samsung 7 phone.
  • Did I get asked about what I was doing? Yes, by a few (3) curious people who were absolutely lovely.  
  • Did I sit on the floor? You betcha. (dress appropriately)
  • What did I tell them I was doing? Generally, art. Told them these are art dolls and I was working on miniature projects. 

I had a fine time and could have taken many more photos or looked for neat corners if I didn't have to get back to where the Hubby worked to pick him up and head for home. 

Things that would have been helpful

  • It would have also been fun to have someone else there with me to watch my things. 
  • It would have been nice to have more time to scope out locations, but that just means I will have to go and do it again! Weee!
  • Maybe a cushion to kneel on but maybe that's just me being an old

I look forward to seeing more dollies exploring their malls and having some fun with indoor spaces! 

Looking for more info on BJD's (Ball Jointed Dolls)? Head over to The BJD Place


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