Make Friends at Horror Con 2017-Feature Artist: JM.Paterson

Make Friends at Horror Con 2017-Feature Artist: JM.Paterson

Conventions are great places for meeting new and creative people, feasting on eye candy and usually some real candy...

Stellar Evolution Designs and JM.Paterson at Horror Con Winnipeg in February 2017

Personally I like to add one new creative piece of art to my list each and every Con. I'm super pumped to have friend and fellow artist JM.Paterson join me in my booth for the 2017 Horror Con at the RBC Convention Centre on Feb 11 & 12th!

Jen is an artist who works in a variety of media including but not limited to acrylics, inks, and copic markers. Through her portraits she explores humanity and our relationship with the natural world, as well as our relationship with animals.

Her unique work is inspired and influenced by comic book art, art nouveau, and several contemporary artists of varying styles including Echo Chernik, Loish, and Glenn Arthur.

This is one lovely piece I have hanging in my home! I just love those portraits!

JM.Paterson Art, located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 

Want to see more right now? JM.Paterson has a few of her most unique and popular prints available for viewing and immediate purchase on Etsy and you can keep an eye on what she is creating on social media here:

Of course, if you come to Horror Con, I bet she will have some other beautifully creepy pieces available!

Gaze into the eyes of one of those lovely, gory and haunting portraits and you may just fall in love with one on Valentine's!

You can also come check out the new "Choose Your Own Fandom" purse I'm making just for her...ooh teaser! Stay Tuned to my Stellar Facebook Page for more on that one!

So come on out in person and say hi to us at our shared booth! We'd just love to have you come say hi, ask us any type of artsy or sewingish questions, talk fave scary movies and tv or stalk us creepily from across the aisle, no wait, not that last part...


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