Helmet for dolls by stellar evolution designs Canada

Making cosplay: for dolls

Worbla, foam, airbrush, mask, glue. These are staples in many cosplayers tool kits to bring fantastical costumes to life. 

While I'm definitely missing Aikon 2020, boo pandemic, I still had the pleasure of creating something very cool, an original design of a fantasy valkyrie for a doll! 

The Doll

The doll was a vinyl Dollfie Dream with an ample bosom. Produced by Volks company. These dolls are 1/3 the size of humans, and are very popular in Japan as well as gaining popularity world wide with collectors, artists and miniaturists.

The Cosplay

Based on the vision from the doll's owner, we were able to come to a final picture of the outfit, colours, armor pieces and overall design. (We are saving the wings for round 2)

Custom armor dollfie dream canada

The Work

This was no small project. The work took approx 2 months, 3d printing the helmet pieces, sewing the outfit, leaving time for paint to cure between steps, for parts and fabrics to be found, to put the last layers to seal up and protect the armor. 

3d printed

 Airbrushed BJD armor

Each stage was approved by the doll's owner.

Dollfie dream

The project also cost around $250 USD.

The Results

While I think this turned out great, I might be biased. 

 3d print helmet for dollfie dream by stellar evolution designs canada

My dollfie dream was the stand in for some of the product shots and fitting of pieces.

Worbla doll boots by stellar evolution designs Canada

Custom outfit dollfie dream by stellar evolution designs canada

Custom armour and helmet dollfie dream doll stellar evolution designs canada

As the owner received product shots for approval, he had some nice things to say, "Oh fuck that’s beautiful."

And, "It’s amazing holy mf"

Then, "It really dose it blows me away."

And finally, "seriously Brenda you got some crazy skills."

The owner couldn't have been more excited to actually receive the package! 

Maruchan wearing armour

"Want to make a shout out to Brenda for an amazing job maruchan was once naked but now clothed original design"

I'd like to also say it was a delight to work together with this lucky dollies owner to turn his ideas from fantasy into reality!

How to Custom Order

If you are interested in knowing what is possible I'm always game to give you a quote on custom requests. 

Reference photos, doll brand and size (either vinyl or resin) and budget all help me best work with you to bring the best out of your doll.

I aim to work with everyone, so please don't feel weird about reaching out. You can contact me on the "get in touch page".











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