Meet the Artist: Lori Ebbitt of Bijou Canoe

Meet the Artist: Lori Ebbitt of Bijou Canoe

I had the pleasure of attending the St. B Hive Artisan Market and Culture Days last week, on Friday, Sept. 29th. I had imagined how this day was going to play out in my head….

scrubs eagle-a day at the hospital

...scratching record sound...nope!

The show was wonderful! I found new lovers of my brain bags and 3D printed hearts! Many of the hospital staff asked if I had a medical background. Technically I had worked for the U of Manitoba as an A/V tech in the hospital back in the day. What a gig...

I saw more than my fair share of rounds and lectures, the same ones the medical students were sitting through (uh, some of them slept through). Of all the lectures, facial fractures and hand surgeries were the worst of the bunch. But I did learn quite a bit when not winching or closing my eyes!

But I digress...

You never know who you are going to meet at a market...

Little did I know that at this market I would meet a super neat gal, and geek, set up right next to me!

But that is exactly how these market deals work, and why more folks need to come on out and support local artists, because you never know what kind of treasures, in goods, services or people you will meet too!

Lori Ebbitt from Bijou Canoe

Lori Ebbitt

Lori came to market with a sweet yet simple pegboard and a mix of vintage and modern styled jewelry inspired by travel, nature, geometric shapes, art nouveau, pop culture, and all things geeky...yep...she had me at geeky!

And when I saw the Jayne inspired woven necklace, I knew shiny things were going to happen! It pairs beautifully with the Shiny wristlet I have in my shop!

Bijou Canoe Jayne inspired woven necklace and my Shiny Wristlet are quite the Firefly Fan Matching set

My doll collector brain also though, geez, that would look super cute as a wall hanging in my doll’s room when I'm not wearing it….pretty cunning, don't you think?

BJD wall hanging-woven necklace by Bijou Canoe

As the very early starting day continued, we discussed art, geekiness, biking, adventures in applying for markets, music, JP Hoe Christmas Show(fab Winnipeg musician), and so much more!

Similar to my mix of Jill-of-all-trades, Lori seems to forever obsess over new materials, creative projects, and learning new skills. Be sure to keep an eye on her lovely Instagram @BijouCanoe to see where the river and winds carry her!

Bee and honey necklace by Bijou Canoe

The 8 hour market flew by, we tested some new sales techniques, one I will call “Do you like games of chance?”, shared laughs and had a great time!

So no matter if you are a newbie maker out at a market or a seasoned veteran, or an attendee, always remember that chatting with an artist could be a great thing!

Scroll down to find out where you can find more of Lori's work!


I sometimes like to ask artists I meet three questions to learn a little more about their deepest art secrets...ooooh.... Lori was all game to take on the challenge!

What is your favourite colour?

My favourite colour is navy blue. I think because it makes me think of adventure and exploration - from the deepest depths of the ocean to the swirls of stars in far-off galaxies, to the shadowy mountains under a twilight sky. 

What is your favourite medium (currently)?

Currently, my favourite medium is hand weaving on a loom. I find the under-over repetition so therapeutic and I love the ability to mix all kinds of textured yarns to create lovely wall hangings and mini wearable art tapestry necklaces.

What is the first thing you remember making?

The first 'major' craft I remember making was a scarf after I taught myself to knit. Not one to ease myself into things, I decided to jump right in and try my hand at an illusion scarf - a super rad alien pattern from a Stitch'n Bitch book, made with black and neon green yarn. It turned out fantastically and I remember being pretty darn proud of myself.

Where to find Bijou Canoe:





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