My Geeky Faves: YouTube - 3D Printing and Sh*tty Robot Maker

My Geeky Faves: YouTube - 3D Printing and Sh*tty Robot Maker

my geeky youtube faves - stellar evolution designs

While taking breaks from sewing, I often fill the moments with other nerdy, geeky or weird things other people on this planet are doing, and I thought I should start sharing them with YOU! 

So here goes a more regular sharing segment titled "My Geeky Faves".

This week will be a few of my (and my Hubby's) regular YouTube channels we love to watch, as we are nerds and makers who don't subscribe to television like normal people.

Perhaps you too will enjoy what these creative, weird, brilliant, and helpful folks bring to the small screen, which we then cast to our slightly larger screen...

3D Printing: Maker's Muse on YouTube

A few of the most asked questions I get asked when out with my 3D printed designs and gifts is in regards to getting started in 3D printing. Questions like:

  • How much does a 3D printer cost?
  • Where do you get them?
  • Which printer is the best? Which one would a beginner use?
  • What is the best medium to print with?
  • How long does printing take?
  • What is the best modeling program to use?

Of course, I LOVE telling folks about what I use at home, from our experience with our three 3D printers (currently building our 4th), but I wanted to have a place to send them that they could learn even more! 

Maker's Muse channel is the perfect place to dip your toe or dive in deep with 3D printing reviews, tutorials and guides!

They believe in empowering creativity through rapid prototyping technologies and take pride in providing unbiased and fair reviews of 3D Printers, 3D Scanners and Software.  

They release at least 3 videos a week - so you will not have a lack of awesome info at your eyeballs of fingertips about the most recent info in the 3D printer world if you subscribe to their channel!

Here is just one example of the wonderful knowledge they share (and Yoda head)! Awesome-nerdness!

What to first print with your 3D printer?

"At a loss for what to print with your first 3D printer? Have no idea where to start?
Here's Makers Muse to the rescue!
Here is my very own tutorial to help you get started."

NOTE: we started with calibration cubes, sooo many cubes...then moved to our Alien heads

Sh*tty Robot Maker: Simone Giertz of Simone's Robots

Here is the quick recap on her and her YouTube channel: Maker/robotics enthusiast/non-engineer. Have become somewhat of an expert in sh*tty robots.  Swedish but sound American just to confuse you.

Simone goes to ridiculous highs and lows to create crappy but hilarious robots, just to prove that they can be made, function and that it isn't as mysterious as people make it out to be. 

She is candid, sometimes a potty-mouth, but that's part of the fun! Cause when your hair is stuck in a machine you created, you'd probably say the exact same thing! 

But take a watch for yourself to decide...

"I made a robot to wash my hair. It's built using two Hitec servo motors, Actobotics from Servocity, an Arduino UNO and a 6V battery pack. Good times."

Seriously hilarious, painful, super weird, all the things your parents said to never do, right?! Love it!

Simone is also starting a great adventure about training for getting into Space....this should be a blast!

Comments, Questions, Haikus?

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my weird and wonderful break times and enjoyed the first of this new vignette "My Geeky Faves"!

I'd love to know if you have any other YouTube maker heroes or creators I should also be watching or have created something wonderfully terrible or that supremely failed yourself! You can do it! Leave it in the comments below or feel free to message me.

I also invite you to subscribe to my YouTube channel as well and watch some of our 3D printed time-lapses of aliens at my YouTube Channel HERE!

Geek on!



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