New Harry Potter Inspired Fabrics

New Harry Potter Inspired Fabrics

Now you can choose your house or decorate with magical patterns of the Harry Potter inspired variety by selecting from these new fabric patterns.

I'm super pumped that we've got some new patterns to chose from, especially since now I'm all caught up on the Harry Potter mythology, thanks to a few good Potterheads guiding the way!

As always, we love presenting fandom inspired fabrics in more understated or unique patterned ways, so that they can be used in a variety of ways and in a variety of items ranging from throw pillows to purses!

The Patterns

Of course, I pulled in the assistance of avid book lover and collaborator, Sarah, for this collection of fabrics! I think she did an amazing job, especially on the watercolour patterns! They are my favourite!

Deathly Hallows Repeats

Harry Potter inspired fabrics deathly hallows black and whiteHarry Potter Inspired Fabrics Deathly Hallows lightHarry Potter inspired fabric deathly hallows watercolour

Magic Castle at Night

Hogwarts is a wondrous place at day or night, and these watercolour patterns sure bring about different emotions!

Magic Castle at night dark Hogwarts

Magic Castle in day hogwarts inspired


Choose Your House

 Harry Potter inspired fabrics HufflepuffHarry Potter inspired fabrics Griffindor

Harry Potter inspired fabrics SlytherinHarry Potter inspired fabrics Ravenclaw

And their coordinating house stripes, would make great bag linings!

Harry Potter inspired fabrics Huff stripesHarry Potter inspired fabrics Griffin Stripes

Harry Potter inspired fabrics Slytherin StripesHarry Potter inspired fabrics raven stripe

Harry Potter inspired fabrics eagle stripe

These fabrics are now available to be used on any items in my shop, from wallets, purses, home decor and even apparel! Please feel free to contact me if you would like your very own custom creation! 

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