bloody brains photoshoot iZombie inspiration cosplay for ball jointed doll by stellar evolution designs

How it's Made: Bloody Brains iZombie Inspired Cosplay for BJD

While I NEVER need an excuse to make less than cute things, I am so in bloody love with this adorable doll who was inspired by one of my fave zombie TV shows,  iZombie, and characters, Liv Moore!  Keep scrolling to learn more...  What is iZombie? iZOMBiE s an American supernatural crime drama television series developed by Rob Thomas and Diane ...
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zombies like it hot teaser by stellar evolution designs

iZombie Inspired Designs

It is that magical time of year when a few of my fave shows start up again! Like iZombie, Season 4! I watch on Netflix but it is on regular television as well. Campy funny, zombie, cop buddy tv shows always get me. I'm just a bit obsessed if you haven't been able to tell... I am also slowly making my way through the comic that started things, wh...
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