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The Gift: Christmas Diorama

I often get asked, so WHAT do you DO with your dolls? Check out this gallery displaying my latest work called The Gift.

Besides enjoying being the creative mastermind behind their ENTIRE WORLD you mean? Muwahahahahah

The Why?

I'm sure you can tell I like to make things. If not, welcome!

As I'm only about 1.5 years into this hobby, I am really enjoying the hands-on art and making with these beautiful dolls as well as constructing fashions for them. 

nena02 reira from atelier momoni in a custom dress made by stellar evolution designs

This little series of photos took a medium amount of planning and a major amount of sewing to put together one final image.

The final image helps me commemorate a year of making, gets all my dollies into the frame and helps me get through the dark of winter.

The Idea

I knew I wanted a group photo that was inclusive and somewhat color themed.

As for the colour, I hadn't planned that until I spotted a few fabrics in a purple colourway that just all kinda clicked together. 

As for the place, I knew I wanted them to meet up for a "holiday party" at Dana's Place (learn more about the dolls in my collection here), and to be in the midst of the action. 

dana in her galaxy dress

I didn't know what the final shot would really look like or the final title of the piece. Though I'm really pleased with how it finished!

The Work

I wanted to create a new outfit for each doll. I know, nothing to it, right?! 

As December is a bit of a busy time in the gift making world, what with other orders to get out in time, I had to fit this in whenever I gave myself some "me" time. 

It is also a chance to experiment with new patterns and sizing for me to possibly bring into the shop. So if you like any of the pieces, be sure to let me know! Like these purple denim pants, while super awesome, I have not been brave enough to list them as I'm not sure anyone would like a pair. If you do, let me know!

Dru in purple

It took about a month to a month and a half to plan outfits, colours and find the last bit of fabric bits or, for example, to knit tiny mittens for Bella, to complete the looks for each doll.

The Scene

As I'm up to a whopping 7 BJD's now, I did do a mock set up well before sewing clothes to make sure they would all fit inside my display case! 

I do enjoy these display cases from Ikea, not for their "ease" of assembly, but for the glass door so I can view my pretties and be inspired by them! I also have a few with solid doors for fabric hoarding and doll hiding if I so choose.

robotica welcomes

I wanted a simple white, purple and pink colour theme for the room and tree. Decorations came from the thrift store, tree from Ikea, wall hangings I made from scrapbooking supplies I had on hand. The Hello font came as a gift from fellow BJD maker of things @Raisdolls

Let's Get This Party Started

Once everyone's wardrobe was finished I began carefully placing them into the room one by one.

I would take photos as each new doll arrived, sometimes interacting with one another, just as any good party!

party chat and snacks

The Gift 

This Christmas I was really feeling kinda down. Due to some health challenges faced by myself and others, I resolved to do more giving of gifts to hopefully spark a little light in the dark. I baked cookies, took time to select special gifts. It felt good to see friends and family smile upon receiving them.

It's weird how art imitates life. Like, without you even thinking of it...


The final shots came across a bit organically, or so I thought, as the small gold present worked well with the light for a special look and central place of importance in the scene. Hence the title The Gift.

the gift: christmas diorama by brenda of stellar evolution designs

Let It Shine

While I await the longer brighter days, this little piece of gold will hopefully get me through the dark ones that winter brings. I hope it might do the same for you, or possibly inspire some ideas for a photo shoot or fabric adventure with your own dollies or art!

To see the FULL GALLERY of all the Christmas fun, head over to The Gift: Christmas Diorama Gallery!

Be well and play always. 



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