Time to Say Goodbye! Store Closing

Time to Say Goodbye! Store Closing

Saying goodbye is never easy. And yes, it's true, I will be putting my shop to rest. 

Living with a chronic medical condition like Multiple Sclerosis means to expect the unexpected and things you once enjoyed may change. I've been in the hobby since 2017 and dealing with the tiny details and small sewing has always been a challenge, but it has just kept getting harder, despite having multiple magnifying devices and using assistive devices. 

I have made the tough decision to exit the hobby on a high note and hopefully pass along my dolls and handmade goodies in an epic sale starting in December 2023 and plan to have the online shop closed by February 2024. 

I hope you will join me in celebrating the end of an era in my life and add some of my last creations to you collection! 

Stay tuned for $20 grab bags, doll collection clear outs and supply/making items for sale. And thank you all so much for your years of support!

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