Tiny Mermaid BJD Diorama

Who knew such an impossibly small BJD mermaid could inspire so much creativity?!

When I first saw one of the small dolls on @murka_Maro Instagram page I was awe struck. For reals. In the face. 

These dolls were soooooo tiny I almost couldn't believe it. I had to have one. I had to see how in the world they existed. If they were really real. Because it is hard to believe.

murka_marko Ig image

So when the chance to purchase a tiny mermaid came along, I jumped at it!

I sent a message via Instagram to purchase. After some mix ups with her receiving some bad parts that needed replacements and Covid putting on the delays a small and secure box shipped. I thought it was something else I had ordered, but was very surprised to find a tiny mermaid inside the box! Huzzah!

I'd say extreme care is needed for handling. Tiny things can be fragile. My luck is usually to break something the instant I receive it, luckily this was not the case! They do have elbows and joints that can bend. As well as itty bitty eyeballs. So cool!

Micro Faceup

I feared the small faceup. But in reality it was pretty easy! Pastels were used for her tail and body. Face was just a little paint for her eyebrows, and some paint to add gold dots and lines on scales/fin. 

micro mermaid bjd faceup micro mermaid bjd


The wig was the hardest part. I used a glass bead that was actually the size of her head on a toothpick to make a teeny wigcap and then used yarn to create the wig. To help hold all stray hairs in place I diluted white glue to use like a hair gel for the braid and sides that were brought up and back. I use some superglue at the back where the hairs crossed to make sure they stay in place. I used E6000 to secure the beads and nail art decor to her hair. The wig cap is kept in place with poster tack. 

I knew I wanted to display the heck out of this cutie, so I intended to make a diorama.

The Diorama

I found one of my ikea "I will make a project of this one day" domes and was like "this is perfect!" for making a little display! Could one use an old aquarium rock display, for sure, but on lockdown, thrifting in public is less desirable at the moment. 

I tried to imagine what a little rock shelf would look like, did some googling and knew I'd have to use some tin foil for an interior structure. do I know how to sculpt, nope. Can people on YouTube tell me, yep. clay diorama

All in all I really like the way it came out, a little cute and cartoony, to help add adorableness for this little mermaid!

rock shelf clay

Diorama failure: This past weekend I tried both alcohol ink and a mod podge/food colouring baking mix to tint the glass dome blue for an underwater look, but didn't like the results. At least both were removeable. I will leave it clear for now, and return to this when I feel like I want to try again. 

Magnet Power

I tried to be clever and get my little mermaid to be suspended by magnets rather than have to balance her fishy tail on a sand or post of some sort in the diorama. 

tiny bjd mermaid

This actually worked GREAT! I placed holes for the magnets BEFORE placing and after painting the rock. AFTER it was baked I then used superglue to place the magnets.  Be sure your polarity stays the same for each magnet. You can do this by using a sharpie on each same side of magnet ;) 

I hid the other magnets when not in use by the doll with other sea creatures or rocks. I designed them to hold magnets too, so I can change them up around in the tank!


Then all i had to do was add a little metal ring to her hair and voila, she can be suspended in the diorama!

I'm now awaiting the arrival of one more mermaid, a translucent blue tail one. It will be so neat to have 2 of them playing in the tank! 

I do hope this may have inspired folks to think of ways to make things to display your own dolls! 


Check out the video of me talking about the piece here: 




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