Fanquest 2018

Upcoming Event: FanQuest - June 23-24th, 2018

Fanquest 2018

It is happening again! I'm excited to head out and have my booth all set up in the Atrium of the Red River College for FanQuest season #2! 

Stellar Evolution Designs at FanQuest in Winnipeg, MB

What is FanQuest you might be wondering? Well here is a little more about it, direct from their ABOUT page:

The FanQuest Mission:

To create fan events that connect, support and celebrate fandoms through meaningful experiences for attendees, creators, volunteers and special guests.

Our Vision:

To foster an open, accepting and socially progressive fan culture, both in Winnipeg and around the world.

We Value:

Fans. They are our foundation. Their suggestions & contributions to this event must be carefully considered and implemented whenever possible.

Cons. The modern con scene is thriving and FanQuest supports all fan conventions held in Winnipeg and around the world.

Discovery. Finding new books, comics, film, TV shows and games is just as exciting as celebrating the ones you love. We hope all attendees at FanQuest discover something new to love.

Creators. There are so many talented people creating content that we love, in all forms of media. We want you to be able to meet these people and tell them how much they mean to you.

Doesn't that just sound like a blast?!? It is a fantastic vibe! So if you would like to join me and many other awesome fans visit their website or join the Facebook event page to stay up to date with the daytime schedules and ongoing announcements, or become a volunteer!

I will be set up in the Atrium so see you there!

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