Upcoming Events: Winterfest, Feb 24th, 2018

Upcoming Events: Winterfest, Feb 24th, 2018

OMG you guys! I was one of the lucky artists picked in the raffle to score a table at this year's Winterfest! 

What is Winterfest?

Presented by Ai-kon, Winterfest is a mini version of their annual multi-day event in July. It will be a magical place where people come to share the experience of Japanese culture, anime, arts and entertainment to escape the winter blahhhs.

Find up to date info on Winterfest's Facebook event page.

As I work to create more designs on fabric and in 3D this event is one that really inspires me to get creative and share my work!

Why the Dolls?

As a maker, I love to obviously, make things, with my hands and have an item at the end of it all. I love to mix and match colours and patterns, even if my not so helpful broken eyes make that quite challenging some days. I enjoy fashions and challenges. How was I NOT in this hobby before?

I only got into Asian ball jointed dolls by being asked to sew up some items over a year ago, but I am hooked! Being able to create a character and their world, look, dress, photograph it and build a story is really fun. I may also like being the ultimate ruler and, as my business card states, Creative Mastermind [of their Universe].

And, when you have a disease like Multiple Sclerosis, where most days I feel like I'm in control of nothing about my body, it allows me a place where I can, if only for a brief time, focus on something that isn't terribly painful or off-kilter.

dreaming doll molly SD13 wearing stellar evolution designs top-bag-glasses

The detail you can go into with miniatures is super fun when you add technology to the mix! I will be showcasing some of the 3D resin ball jointed robots, named Robotica, I have printed and painted at my table. 10% of the proceeds of any of Robotica's sold will be going to charity.

Robotica resin doll printed and painted by stellar evolution designs

I also specialize in 3D printed glasses for BJD's. Nerding things to the max I also customize frames to fit Funko Pop Vinyls for those who wish to customize one of themselves or others, especially for wedding cakes apparently, or for other smaller dolls with specific design specifications like Barbies!

MSD bjd glasses 3d printed by stellar evolution designs

I am hoping to bring a small selection of handmade with care clothes and bags for dollies in sizes ranging from SD, MSD and YOSD. 

Momoni Nena02 Reira photo-wig-all props and clothes-by Stellar Evolution Designs

Interested in ball jointed dolls? The Local Winnipeg BJD group will also be there with a table to answer any questions and displaying various types and styles of dolls as well! 

Humans Need Fun Things Too!

I'm not forgetting about regular sized humans! I will also have an assortment of other kawaii and geeky items for human size fans including book bags, coin purses and wallets...

donut cat by amber morgan on spoonflower

I can't wait for this event as it is always so well organized, super colourful and totally fun! If this sounds at all interesting, please do come check it out!

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