What's in the Cabinet at your Local Geek Shop?

What's in the Cabinet at your Local Geek Shop?

 As a local maker, a few local shops carry some of my handmade geekery. But until now I hadn't really stopped to take a look at what else is in the cabinet beside my goods...

This week I ventured out into gloominess and rain heading out to drop off a fresh supply of my handmade geekery to one of my favourite local geek spaces, A Muse N Games, located at 1783 Portage Ave,in Winnipeg, MB.

They have SO MANY TABLETOP GAMES!! Just one of the many well-stocked walls.

A Muse N Games selection on tabletop gaming is outstanding

After donning my official "lady geek business cap" with Scotia, she is one of the wonderfully chipper duo that owns this fine tabletop gaming (and so much more) establishment, I took a moment to really look at the other wonderful items that my handmade goods get to share space within the pretty display cabinet.

Stellar Evolution Designs handmade geekery, plush Vera, Harry Potter purse, in display case at A Muse N Games


I wanted to share some of the things I came across with you. I truly loved everything I saw, from the chain maille owls themed in Avenger colours by Bonnie Maille:

owl avengers by Bonnie Maille at A Muse N Games

to the neat and adorable blocky jewelry by Nathan:

Block Jewelry by Nathan at A Muse N Games

or the dice bags by Centre of the Chaos Designs:

Dice bags by Centre of the Chaos Designs at A Muse N Games

to the fun comic book art on practical and useful items of Andi Designs:

teapots and coasters comic book art by Andi Designs

and the shiny glass bead and charm work of Noble & Whimsical:

Glass beads by Noble and Whimsical at A Muse N Games

There are MANY more items hanging up around the shop too by other artists, I just stuck to the cabinet for now! There may have to be a part 2!

I feel so lucky to be classed among these nerdy creatives and to have our works made available to be taken home by other such geeks who will appreciate their beauty, comedy, uniqueness and novelty.

So thanks to A Muse N Games for creating a space to share my work as well as these others, which helps us all grow our little businesses bit by bit!

None of this would be possible without...YOU!

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who supports artists in shops like this in your town, online, or at conventions!

Sharing is caring and in this day and age, we love to hear feedback on why you love our art, items or other ideas of things you might think would be cool to make (I'd love to know what other plush weapons to make! Shoot me a message

We'd also love for you to share our art with your friends, so that you can help our small businesses grow amongst the coolest of people!

So thanks again for making it possible for us to remain creative and make things we have only dreamed of, or things you have only dreamed of, come to life!

Geek On!


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