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Where to find my designs on geeky home decor-Roostery!

Home is where the heart is as they say, and where most of us geeks like to spend our times these days. 

I love being surrounded by the people, pets and things that bring me joy day to day, and much of that is art and geeky things! 

My biggest wish is that my geekery makes you laugh, smile or has you living more comfortably in your home. I want you to enjoy your fandom and know that the community of geeks is right there with you.

having a fandom is like having a family that understand you no matter how crazy you are



Spoonflower, the company where I have my fabric designs printed and some available for purchase, has created a sister company, Roostery, to provide fans with unique pillows, tea towels, cloth napkins, and more! (They also have a sister clothing company called Sprout, but I will talk about that one in another post!)

I do recommend registering with a Spoonflower account first, so that you can just login to Roostery (and Sprout) with the same account. Much easier that way.

How to find my designs

This can be a bit tricky. If you are eager, you can scroll down to see some of my designs and follow the links to items. 

If you want to spend some time with my designs, you can head on over to my Spoonflower Shop or click the box below. This is where I have all my designs located. 


You will see the available patterns one at a time in a random order, or I'd recommend selecting viewing in "Designed Collections" for easiest viewing, to ensure you don't miss one of the fandoms!

When you click on a fabric design in my Spoonflower Shop, you will see a photo gallery below the fabric pattern image, with items like bedsheets or a pillow being featured:

Get to Brenda's designs Step 1




A link to purchase or view them over on Roostery will appear at the bottom of the image. 

Get to Brenda's designs on Roostery Step 2


Once you click on over, you can see that print on all the items that Roostery can stitch up for you in a right-hand side column!


When home decor items are purchased with my designs I also get a comission from that purchase. A fantastic service that supports independent designers just like me!


Curious? Before you head on over to take a peek at Roostery, I will leave a few  ideas about how I would geekify a room using my designs in Roostery.

Buffy Inspired Bedroom:

Buffy Arsenal Bedsheet Set: 

buffy arsenal bedsheets stellar evolution designs roostery

Scythe Duvet Cover:

scythe and hellmouth duvet cover stellar evolution designs roostery

It Must Be Bunnies Pillowcase:

it must be bunnies accent pillowcase

iZombie Inspired Kitchen/bar:

Brains and hot sauce Tea Towel:

Brains and hot sauce nomnomnom tea towels stellar evolution designs roostery

Brains and hot sauce Napkins:

izombie brains and hot sauce napkins

Zombies like it hot toss Table Runner and Placemats:

Zombies like it hot table runner and placemats roostery
izombie inspired placemats designed by stellar evolution designs at roostery

X-Files Inspired Couch:

Little Green Men Throw Pillow with flange:

little green men throw pillow with flange
or without flange (if that sort of thing bothers you ;P

little green men pillow design by stellar evolution designs from roostery

I hope you liked this little adventure into geeky and a bit gory home decor possibilities! 

I'd love to know which item you like the best? Leave a comment!

If there is another fandom you love that I have yet to create for, please let me know!

I may already have it on my list and will bump it up to the top if you would like to place an order, or create a new "to-do" item, as I do want to work on the things  that you love! Feel free to comment here, contact me via email, or at my other social media channels below!

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