A Handmade Gift that Attacked the Heartstrings

I'm so impressed with the reactions of sincere and thoughtful gifts!

Now that the holidays are coming to a close, I wanted to share a thank you I received from one of my amazing customers just after Boxing Day, sharing the reaction to a very sentimental and personal gift that I was lucky enough to have a part in bringing to life...



"Thank you Stellar Evolution Designs for creating the JAMES THE VIKING knitted doll!

It was for my cousin who had just lost her father and James was like a brother to me so this doll also meant a lot to me.

What made this doll special was I didn't even ask about the raised eyebrow on the doll but you picked up on that just from the pictures I sent in to you.

As for me, I saw it [the raised eyebrow] on him all the time-but thank god you noticed it and added it, his daughter even commented on the raised eyebrow and said, "OMG! Yes! Dad always had his eyebrow raised!"

I was going for a tear with this gift, when she saw it, there were tears pretty much all around from everyone at our family on Christmas Day.

Thank you for the amazing work you do. I am so glad you are easy to work with, have so much talent and can bring my many custom order request in my head to life and always seem to make them better than what I envisioned in my head!"

Below you will see a photo the family was kind enough to share of a James, who I'm told was a very fun, playful soul. I aimed to capture that in the knit doll and used that to add to the personality of the caricature by adding the raised eyebrow!


(Knitting pattern I based this doll off of was from Etsy Shop Fluffandfuzz (Amanda Berry) called Erik the Viking. It was a great, easy to use pattern, she has many other cute ones as well and you can check them out by Clicking Here!)

I hope you all got to share fond memories of past loved ones, and cherished some time around the dinner table with those who were near and dear to you this holiday season!

Want a custom knit caricature? Contact me to learn more - from wizards, vikings or mermaids, I can find a pattern that fits and create it!

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