Stellar Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fan: Mary

Stellar Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fan: Mary

I was so pumped that one of my handmade bags would be carried proudly across the floor of the San Diego Comic Con, but never expected it would ever get to cross paths with..

It all started with a custom order request for a messenger bag placed by loyal Buffy and Spike fan, Mary. I was super excited to create this crossbody bag for Mary as she was headed to San Diego Comic Con 2016! (I was also very jealous of her!).

So we put the black and white Slayer fabric on the outside and hid Spike on the inside. I also added a magnetic closure for the flap. 

Stellar Fan Experience

This past week, Mary was kind enough to share her fan experience at SDCC with me, as well as a photo:

"Look who your bag chatted up at Comic Con, Joss Whedon!

I showed Joss the bag and he smiled! He was very kind and is an excellent listener. I told him I was so happy that Buffy & Spike are giving it a real try and he said he is rooting for them too!"

Stellar Evolution Design Fan meets Joss Whedon wearing her custom Slayer messenger bag

Mary is one STELLAR FAN! (and I'm also now SUPREMELY JEALOUS but also so very happy that she had an amazing fan experience!)

If there is a fandom you love and wish to wear, just reach out and get in touch, just like Mary did, as I would love to turn your fantasy item into reality!

Buffy Fan Slayer Messenger Bag

Want this Slayerrific Bag for your very own? 

Thanks to Mary, this item is now available to order, you can find the Slayer Messenger Bag in the shop now or add to cart below.


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