20cm Resin Robotica's now available!

20cm Resin Robotica's now available!

Howdy geek guys and gals! I've been nerding things up over the holidays and creating a robot army, YES, a ball jointed robot doll army!

You may remember my large sized (58cm tall) 3d printed Robotica from ABS filament I created last year, here is the post to jog the memory. 

Well, the Hubby and I tuned the little resin printer over the holidays and were able to create 4 little robots that are as adorable as they could be deadly...

How little are they?

The smallest piece printed of a 20cm tall Robotica ball jointed doll is the eyeball. Measuring in at 3.3mm in size, the eyeball can be painted and a small drop of clear epoxy placed on top to give the ball a curved surface is what creates a little eyeball shape to place inside the head! 

3d printed resin doll eyeball 3.3mm by stellar evolution designs

Each limb is strung with 1.3mm elastic to allow her to be posed in many different positions, from adorably sitting in your palm:

Robotica resin doll printed and painted by stellar evolution designs

To doing morning yoga:

3d printed resin robotica by stellar evolution designs

To remind you to meditate at your workspace:

Blue robotica 3d printed resin by stellar evolution designs

Putting All the Pieces Together

It does take a LARGE amount of time and a considerable amount of knowledge, skill, and trials to get each piece to print perfectly and piece all of them together.

Want to watch me put a Robotica together? Here's a little video of me piecing together the pink and gold Robotica!

Of course, that is before doing any painting with a magnifying glass and other tiny brushes.

But it really is a great model to express different styles of armor and colours if you so choose. The resin is easy to paint on and I used Liquitex to do all the sealing coats as on of my fave YouTuber's Nicole's Dreams describes in this tutorial below or linked over HERE on YouTube.

I do commend the designer, Sonia Verdu for the beauty of the design of Robotica. You can view more of her work HERE. She also asks that 10% of the purchase price of her dolls be given to charity. 

As you may or may not know I'm a HUGE supporter of the MS Society and have a yearly walk team called Scrambled Legs. It is a bit of a selfish endeavor, as I too am one who lives with this arch nemesis multiple sclerosis on a daily basis. 

Scrambled Legs 2017

I have benefited from the support and guidance of the MS Society I am happy to donate. Without their support, the trials of MS would be much scarier and I'm not sure how I would continue to see any light through the completely unpredictable path of this debilitating disease.

To Each His or Her Own

"Everyone's a Geek of Something!" I never thought dolls would be a thing I would get into, but heck, now I'm in both feet, over the head. I never poke fun at anyone's thing they love, so long as it doesn't harm you, go for it!

What you are passionate about, brings you joy, helps you feel better about yourself, helps you heal, helps you express your creativity, teaches you new skills, the list is really endless. You do you!

Robotica 20cm resin bjd by stellar evolution designs

For me, these little robots are amazing feats of 3D printed technology in my workshop. Future plans would be to design my own BJD, in the sketching process....dream big geeks, and find a few moments today to work on something you love!

To view all the robots or snag one for yourself head to the Resin BJD collection!





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