Dana and Robotica Story: Sun at the Beach

Dana and Robotica: Sun at the Beach

Ah summer, super short here in Manitoba, Canada! Dana decided to take Robotica to the beach and show her around a bit, considering she was only constructed in October of 2017 and has seen only the harshest of cold and the mildest of warmth, (the longest seasons of what the prairies have to offer). Dana was hoping to change that with a trip to a nearby beach.

 Dana and Robotica out at the beach SED

With little rain and temperatures soaring folks were eager to get out and into the cool but refreshing waters...maybe a little too eager?

 sitting on dock of lake

Dana has to pick up a suit yet, this isn't one of those nude beaches!

pink haired ball joined doll in summer sitting on a dock of lake

She doesn't think it would hurt Robotica's internal circuits, but they have to run some tests at home before diving in. 

bjd dolls photoshoot at a lake watching kayaks

So for now, looking, checking out the kayakers and grabbing some ice cream was a great way to get out and enjoy the like 2 months of summer!

bjd with ice cream on a dock by a lake

robotica enjoying ice cream at the beach photo by stellar evolution designs

And yes, of course, robots love ice cream! 

About the Shoot: 

Honestly, with no spotter to prevent splash-down, this photo shoot was one of my most nerve-wracking so far! LOL But all went smoothly, there was only one ice cream prop that "jumped overboard". It did not float. Maybe some kid will find it while exploring the bottom, a treasure!

Also on the plus side, I didn't end up with a sunburn despite no sunscreen and quite enjoyed the dip in the water after the shoot! 

Photos Taken: St. Malo Provincial Park

Equipment used: Nikon D70 and S7 phone
Edited with: GIMP

Do you have a fave beach, cottage, swamp, or puddle where you can snap a picture with your dollies? I'd love to know! Feel free to share in the comments below or take your photos with my dollie dedicated IG @StellarBJDaccessories page! 


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