The dog ate my doll's wig!

The dog ate my doll's wig!

I love dogs! Humans best friend and all, but this week was a tough week to give my doggie a hug when I came home to this:

Dog at my wig

Yep, a precious Frapzilla wig still wet, quite mangled, some little tears at the back teef punctures. This is what it used to look like:

When I saw it I screamed, "NOOOOOOOOO!" 😱😭😭😭 For reals. No lie.  

This was one of my fave doll's fave wigs.  I mean she always looks adorable in it, the soy fiber locks were great to shape and play with and the colors were amazing! 

I did contact Frapzilla to see if they had any tips for this disaster.  They def sympathized with me and said much careful brushing would help. 


How I Fixed The Wig (to the best of my abilities) 

Brushing Hair

I used the widest toothed comb and started from the bottom and slowly worked my way up. From there I then used a thinner and thinner comb. I enjoy using a cat brush with this type of wig as it leaves it sooo shiny

Fixing Head Cap

Luckily my German Shepherd/Doberman mix didn't gobble this up.  She mostly likes to lick and suck on the tags of her toys! 

The headcap did soften slightly. So letting it dry out was helpful.  There were a few small tears at the back which I was able to bring closed and then apply a UV resin to and get them closed up immediately.  

To be able to get to the headcap tears, I had to start taking the pigtails apart. Talk about nerve wracking! 

To be able to get to the headcap tears, I had to start taking the pigtails apart. Talk about nerve wracking! The pigtails were so well wrapped it could take apart layer by layer so it was actually very doable! 

Once apart, I could then get into the back of the bottom edge of the wigcap to repair. 

Removing Dog Slobber

I always like a challenge. After letting the wig sit overnight, and letting my anger lessen, I came back to the wig. The dog slobber made the weave of the soy fiber kinky. 

This would be one reason you wouldn't be advised to get this type of wig wet. Another would be the wet hair that has dye in it could stain things. 

But brushing was really not enough to clean up this mess, but just a beginning. 

I did have to dampen the hair with a washcloth and dry it with another as well as a blowdryer. 

It did get kinky,  as do many natural fibers do when they get wet. I tested a small but first, then dried it. I also researched heating soy fiber and foundthat to create it quite high heat is applied.  

So I decided I would try to use my adjustable temperture hair straightener to get the kinks out.  Worked like a charm! 

Putting it all back together

I (fabric) glued one weft back in place and let it dry.  Then I aimed to start criss crossing the hair back and forth between the ponytails, wrapping each new layer of hair with the white cotton string. 

Now, the Bangs... 

The fringed bangs were definitely the most well sucked/drooled on and possibly nibbled. So they were going to need a trim. 

I brought them all round front and gave a snip across and above the eyes. 

It was a long shot

Well I had nothing to loose by aiming to fix this hot mess of a wig. I am pleased to have mostly brought it back to life! 

She still looks adorable and I will never again leave the wig anywhere the dog and grab it! 







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