the fine art of making mistakes and doll shoes

The fine art of making mistakes...and doll shoes

No one likes to make mistakes or waste time on a project, but if you wait around forever expecting to get great at something, or spend all your cash to purchase all the "perfect" supplies but never play around with them you are guaranteed to never make what you desire. This post is also about things I am learning on my journey making shoes, tiny...
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Dana and Robotica Story: Sun at the Beach

Dana and Robotica: Sun at the Beach

Ah summer, super short here in Manitoba, Canada! Dana decided to take Robotica to the beach and show her around a bit, considering she was only constructed in October of 2017 and has seen only the harshest of cold and the mildest of warmth, (the longest seasons of what the prairies have to offer). Dana was hoping to change that with a trip to a ...
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